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Y’all might have noticed the black background.  It’s to mourn the victims of of the American Holocaust. – More than 60 million murders remain unprosecuted in the the last 34 years.  More than 60 million lives prevented from making a difference in this world.  More than 60 million hearts that never got the chance to become born-again.  More than 120 million feet that never got to march in protest of their own murders.  More than 600 million fingers that never got to pull a voting lever and keep America moral.  120 million pairs of ears that heard not the words “I love you” from a mother’s lips but the cold, clinical voice of an amoral doctor or nurse saying, “well, it’s really a baby, yet.”

On this annversary of Roe v. Wade, I’d like you to stop for a minute and think about how you’d feel if your mother took you to the doctor, watched while your brains was sucked out, threw you in the garbage and then went out to have more anonymous sex.

I hope you’ll consider a donation to Operation Rescue to stop this American Genocide

God is Love!

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