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postheadericon You Think This is Hot?

95 degrees ain’t nothing compared to the torments you’ll find when you get to Hell.  Either way, between the heat and our efforts to keep the children of a 97-year old woman from pulling her life support, even the most Godly of God’s children can get a little bit cranky.

postheadericon Georgina Washington and Bob Ross

Yep.  That’s what the State of California wants to teach your child about

No textbook or other instructional materials shall be adopted by the state board or by any governing board for use in the public schools that contains any matter reflecting adversely upon persons because of their race or ethnicity, gender, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, or religion, as those terms are defined in Section 422.56 of the Penal Code

Rev. Dobson says that if this passes then they gotta say the word, homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and transgender in every single subject taught in public school from kindergarten on up.  Everybody’s better write the Governor especially if you don’t live in California!

Georgina Washingto was the mother of our country?  Them liberals got no shame at all!

Listen in!

God is Love!

postheadericon It Shouldn’t Be Called Independence Day

I know yer just gonna think I’m just some cranky old guy for saying that, but hear me out – Jesus created the United States of America and that makes us pretty darn dependent on him, dontcha think?

Gotta whole bunch of good ol’ John Wayne songs, Dolly Parton and a whole lotta common sense, so crack open yer bible and enjoy!

God is Love!

PS – I just got word the sodomite DJ after me played a couple of them anti-war songs.  I left ‘em so you can hear exactly what real hate sounds like.

Help Me Help Jesus Help You

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