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postheadericon Murderous Gay Cannibals

That’s gonna be the end result of the pro-sodomite legislation that Arnold Schwarzenegger ain’t man enought to veto.  SB1441 gonna force men to wear dresses when they go into restaurants.  SB1437 gonna make it illegal for a teacher to say anything bad about Jeffery Dahmer ‘cuz he was gay.  I guess there supposed to say that murderous gay cannibalism is just a “lifestyle choice”.

He ain’t signed all of ‘em just yet, so I want you to call him at (916)445-2841 and tell him that you don’t want muderous gay cannibals taking over the United States Of America.

Listen in!

postheadericon Snakes On A Plane – Tool Of Satan

I can not stress this fact enough. The only reason that liberal sodomite Hollywood made this movie is to desensitize those weak of faith and feeble of mind to one of the many faces of Satan. And you can bet that the agents of Satan are gonna be lying in ambush outside the movie theater posing as people waiting for the next show. What they’ll be doing though is trying steal your soul from the one and only true Lord. Don’t take my word for it. Do the research.

postheadericon Apology Accepted

I do apologize for not bein’ around for the past two weeks.  You probably know I’ve been trying to keep a 97 year old woman whose on life-support from bein’ murdered by her family.  Guess she’s too old to bake cookies so they don’t need her anymore.

I just wanna say that whether or not them snobby Jews accept Mel Gibson’s apology, I accept it.  And I accept it with a hearty “don’t think nothin’ of it”.  Used to be a time in America when you could talk about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and nobody’d think nothin’ of it.  Now, I guess ya gotta apologize.  Thanks a lot, libruls.

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