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postheadericon Satan Conquered

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again and’ll keep on saying it for the rest of my life – Jesus dying on the cross for mankind means not only that belief in Him gives you everlasting life but it also means that you don’t got NOTHING to complain about.

Satan threw every demonic trick in the book that he could throw for this GodCast in a futile attempt to make me give up.  But I did not give up.  And I will not give up.  In the end, Jesus wins every single time.

So, Satan, when you download this expecting to hear ol’ Billy Bob to throw in the towel, I hope you’ll notice that this week Billy Bob Neck’s Hour of Bein’ Good oughta be called Billy Bob Neck’s Hour And Two and A Half Minutes of Bein’ Good.  You can consider those extra two minutes my way to telling you exactly what you can do with your trickery and deception.

God is Love!

postheadericon Breifly Patriotic – The Plan For Iraq

The United States is gonna need to make some hard choices in Iraq.  This is our suggestion.

The Plan For Iraq

postheadericon Breifly Patriotic – Clinton Nailed

This is a new series I’m doing for the God-fearing patriots over at  They’re minute long moments of truth and inspiration that’ll get your blood pumping and your faith strong!

God is Love

Breifly Patriotic – Clinton Nailed

postheadericon Breifly Patriotic – Clinton OutFoxed

God bless Chris Wallace for asking the hard questions to Slick Willy

Clinton OutFoxed

postheadericon God is Love!

Welcome to all American Patriots and their wives! You’ve found a safe place here!  I’m gonna be getting this website up and running just as fast as the good Lord’ll let me.

Feel free to kick up your feet and take a break from all the sodomy and securalism that assaults decent, hard-working, God-fearing heterosexuals every day of their life.

If you’ve seen me perform, you’re probably wondering how come I never had a web site up before this. All I can say is that I do what God tells me to and when he tells me to do it. Keep an eye on the site because I’ll be getting some other stuff up real soon. (God willing, of course!)

postheadericon Liberals At The Altar Of Hate

For the life of me I cannot understand how liberals can go ’round hugging trees, supporting terror and trying to marry owls but when it comes to being civil to one of their own kind, well, that’s a whole other kettle of fish.  With my new song Muslims Hate Jesus making liberals understand that Iraq is the front line on terror, the hate mail started flooding in.  You’ll get to hear what the Devil sounds like when he takes off his mask.

Also, President Bush made a heckuva speech to the UN (”more lies per square inch than any other place in the world”, as Dennis Prager says!  Ain’t that Jewish wit for ya!) and I got a couple of clips from it to show (as if anybody needed more proof) that President Bush is the greatest President this country’s ever had since Winston Churchill!

God is Love

postheadericon A Salute To Those Who Kill Terrorists

This show’s dedicated to all those Americans who heeded the call of 9/11 and took off for Iraq to get the guy that brought our towers down.  And guess what?  Saddam’s in jail right now and ain’t gonna be masterminding any more plots.  Let’s hope they hang ‘im.

God is Love!

PS – This could be my last show on WMFO.  Drop me a line at and let me know if you enjoy the show and wanna keep hearing it.  You can also email to express your support for decent programming on this otherwise demonic and Satanic radio station.

postheadericon Murderous Gay Nazi Cannibals

Mr. Rumsfeld had it absolutely right – you can’t appease Nazis, terrorists or muderous gay cannibals. When are you folks gonna wake up and realize this? I’ve done my best and God knows it. That’s all I can hope for. This might be the last show on WMFO since the liberal sodomites remake the schedule every couple of months to get rid of anybody who don’t play Fish or music you can do drugs to. If you got a minute, send an email to and tell ‘em you can’t get through the week without a cup o’ Jesus.

God is Love!

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