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postheadericon Welcome Sodomites!

I’m expecting that a bunch of y’all came by here because of the Citizens Against Truth podcast and I wanna welcome you and congratulate you on your first step towards unburdening yourself of the worldly baggage of secularism that clogs up your soul and prevents Jesus from pumping through it until you find yourself having a soul attack.  There’s only one Doctor that can pull you back from a soul attack.  That Doctor looks down on us all from His Heavenly operating room patieintly waiting for the next poor sinner to call out, “Enough!”  He smiles when he hears the sirens of the Alleluia Ambulance Company get closer and closer and readies Himself for another angelic angioplasty.

I don’t have to tell you the doctor’s name is God…and the Jesus drives the ambulance.

So leave a comment, send me an email or, if you want, call me on that Skype thing.  If I ain’t out stopping pre-born from getting killed, I’ll pick up.

God is Love!

postheadericon Darn Straight!


Stop by Point Five and give ’em your support!

postheadericon Like Showing A Dog A Card Trick

The boys at Puckertime asked me back on again, which is always a sign of someone crying out for the power of Jesus to come into their lives.  I’m gonna talk with Jesus and see if He wants me to work with them on a weekly basis.

Listen in – WARNING:  They got me on at the beginning and the end but in the middle they curse, blashpheme and talk about drugs and alcohol.  I don’t think I need to say that that ain’t no way to raise a child.

postheadericon The George Bush Best President Ever Survey

postheadericon Do Your Part To Stop Sin!

This election is one of the most important election in the history of America.  Are we, as Americans, gonna sit by and let homosexuals cut and run from Iraq so they can spend more money on giving condoms to kindergarteners?  Or are we gonna continue to stand up to the forces of evil and stay the course on this neverending War on Terror?

I’m gonna ask everyone who reads this to donate one dollar to my good friend Shelley Goodman’s GOP fundraising page. Go there now and do your part to stop homosexual from marrying table and blowing themselves up during the reception.

postheadericon Clarification

I just wanna say that I do not currently and have not ever worked for the United States government in any way, shape, form or capacity  and do not plan to in the future.

William Robert Neck

postheadericon 978-686…

Chances are that this number’ll make sense to someone.

Anyway, Pastor Rick Wade says the physical destruciton of the United States of America begins this weekend and ain’t it a co-incidence that NJ perpetrated the spread of legalized murderous gay cannablism just about the same time!  Sometimes, God’s ways ain’t all that mysterious!

God is Love!

postheadericon Update

Well, the Citizens Against Truth Lies interview went just about as expected.  I ain’t sure how’s she gonna edit it but the actual interview, which went on for an hour and forty-five minutes, sounded something like this –

Her:  So, George Bush is evil, right?
Me:  No.
Her:  But he eats babies!
Me:  No.
Her:  So you’re saying that baby eaters aren’t evil.
Me:  No.
Her:  So as a Christian you support a president that eats babies which, correct me if I’m wrong here, is just about the least Christian thing you can do.
Me:  He ain’t evil and he don’t eat babies.
Her:  You don’t think he’s evil?
Me:  No.
Her:  But he is evil, right?  I mean, anybody that eats babies…

Maybe she’ll throw in some music to break up the liberal monotony.

Also, if you look over on the right hand side, you can see that I got one of them Interweb phone things.  Y’all can call and if I ain’t out picketing, I’ll answer or if I ain’t around you can leave a voicemail.  Give it a shot!  I’d love to hear from ya!

God is Love!

postheadericon Jesus, I’m Getting Interviewed…

and I know that You’ll be there beside me, guiding my words towards those who need ’em the most!

This evening I’m bein’ interviewed by the Shelly without the “E” (meaining the sinful one) for her podcast called Citizens Against Truth Lies.  She said she’ll need a couple of days to edit the interview so she can make me sound like some kinda idiot and make her sound all high and mighty.  But Jesus’ll see through that “Lie”.

The boys at Puckertime apparently ain’t OD’d yet and want me to come back to listen to them blashpheme and slander Jesus’ name.  But like He said – Sticks and stones may break my bones/ but even crosses can’t kill Me.  I’ll be talking to them on Friday afternoon.  I ain’t sure they know how to edit audio, so it’ll probably be up right after they’re done.  Providing they don’t pass out, first.

I’ll keep ya updated.

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God is Love!

postheadericon Satan Ain’t Stoppin’ Me!

Satan repeatedly called the show playing all manner of vileness including some racist song but Jesus don’t care what race you are.  He loves negroes just as much as white people!  Fortunately, Jesus unplugged the phone about halfway through.

God is Love!

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