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postheadericon Wal-Mart Betrays Jesus!

Y’all think Wal-Mart using “Christmas” in their Christmas advertising is such a big deal, but that’s only to cover the fact that they actively partiicipate in the killing of pre-born boys and girls AND support the Homosexual Agenda.  Ya can’t have it both ways, Sam!

Listen in and check out

God is Love!

postheadericon Billy Bob Goes To Israel

Well, not literally, but some Israeli guy just got a hold of me via that internet telephone thing and wants me to do his podcast and y’all know when Jesus opens the door then you ain’t got no choice but to step through it.

I guess I’m gonna be the first guest on their podcast since they ain’t even got a website up yet.  But then again they say they’re “anarchists” so they do whatever the heck they want whenever the heck they wanna do it.

It don’t matter what name you wanna put on – the only name that fit just right is Jesus.

God is Love!

postheadericon Results Of The Survey

Here’s the result of the How Great A President Is George W. Bush Survey. It’s just about what I expect – He is the greatest president in America!

1. Who comes closest to being a better President than George W. Bush?
Option % # Graph
Geroge Washington 7.69% 1
Abraham Lincoln 15.38% 2
Winston Churchill 7.69% 1
Ronald Regan 7.69% 1
No one 23.08% 3
Jesus 38.46% 5
2. Check each of the qualities that President Bush has that makes him the kind of President the world looks up to
Option % # Graph
Trustworthy 58.33% 7
Loyal 33.33% 4
Helpful 25.00% 3
Friendly 41.67% 5
Courteous 33.33% 4
Kind 50.00% 6
Obedient 25.00% 3
Cheerful 58.33% 7
Thrifty 25.00% 3
Brave 41.67% 5
Clean 66.67% 8
Reverent 41.67% 5
3. How many more terms should President Bust be allowed to serve?
Option % # Graph
1 Year 23.08% 3
2 Years 0.00% 0
3 Years 7.69% 1
As many as he’s willing to serve 61.54% 8
4. Please rank the issues that President Bush, in your own opinion, has done the best job on
  #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 Average Count
Fighting Terror 4 1 3     3     3.00 11
Stopping Homosexuality     3 2 2   1 1 4.67 9
Stimulating Economy 1 1 2 1     3 1 4.67 9
Keeping Taxes Low 2   1 3 3       3.56 9
Making Americans Happy 1 3   1   2 1 2 4.60 10
Promoting Democracy 1   1 2 1 1 3   4.89 9
Saving Pre-borns 3 3 1   1 2   1 3.36 11
Cheap Gas 1 2     1 1 1 2 4.87 8

postheadericon Don’t Be So Sure

Seems like almost everyone I talked to about Pastor Rick Wade’s prophesy about America’s destruction either laughed or tried not to laugh at me.  Now the liberal sodomites took over a full third of the government and spur the process on  Who laughing now?

Most of the show is a discussion of horror the democrat party plans to inflict on America.  But at the end, there some powerful words from Ravi Zacharias about what Christians need to do to survive in this world.

God is Love!


postheadericon Help Her Out!

I just wanted to alert y’all to an example of how messed up America is right now and why you need to vote Republican on Tuesday.

I guess in Washington State some little punk of a fourth grader didn’t wanna finish his standardized test so the principal suspended him…AND EVERYONE’S MAD AT THE PRINCIPAL!  They told him to finish it a couple of times and he just said “no.”  Now, I woulda taken him over my knee AND suspended him, but, being a woman, she just suspended him.

We all know that the Liberals are gonna get a hold of this story and start whining about how this is all President Bush’s fault and try to get her fired.  But before that happens, just send her an email and let her know that you appreciate that there are still a few people left in the United States that care about respect for authority and instilling that in our young people. 

Here’s the email I sent as a possible guideline.


I just want say that kicking that kid out of school was a hard choice but the right choice.  If there’s one thing we’re missing today, it’s respect for authority.  We ain’t gonna get it back letting kids like this Tyler get away with only taking the parts of the tests that he wants to.  That’s how we got to the point this country’s in today – People being openly critical of the President of the United States when we’re in a war to save humanity??  That’s just plain crazy!!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that there are a whole bunch of Americans that agree with you!  We’re tired of kids getting turned into homosexuals because some teacher is afraid of to say no.  You said no.  And you oughta be proud of yourself!

God is Love!

Billy Bob Neck

postheadericon The Truth About “Lies”

I spent some time going through the Citizens Against Lies podcast and the more I listened to it the more I kinda understood what people meant when they said I “mopped the floor” with her.  I don’t understand how you can ask the same question 47 ways till Sunday and have people think that you’re smart.

Anyway, this show’s kind of a “Best of” of the interview.

Also – Y’all should listen to Rev. Dobson’s chilling breakdown on Election 2006.  And if you need guidance on how to vote, Focus Action has the best voting guide around. And remember

Meet the goal
Take two to the poll!

God is Love!

postheadericon Video?

Well, Mrs. Goodman over at Shelley The Republican came across a brother in Christ named jezuzfreek777 over there on youtub (which is a dumb name for anything in my opinion) and she got real excited about not only what he was saying but this whole putting video on the interweb thing.  She told me to run out and buy a computer that could do that kinda thing and to make some TV thing supporting jezuzfreek777.  So.  Here it is.  I ain’t sure how all this stuff works to being with.  It sure ain’t Hollywood, that’s for sure and that’s probably a good thing!

God is Love!

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