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postheadericon Billy Bob Interview Excerpt

Some English guy claiming to be from the BBC asked me to meet him in NYC and talk to him.  I prayed on it and Jesus said that if they put me up proper and paid for the gas in my truck that I oughta do it.

He ain’t done with whatever it’s gonna be, but here’s here’ s a little piece of it.

God is Love!

postheadericon STOTU Recap

President Bush delivered one of his greatest speeches since his 9/11 speeches.  Why was it so great?  Listen in!

God is Love!

postheadericon The State Of The Union 2007

9:03 – Condi is really pretty.  I hope she settles down after President Bush leaves office and has a family.  I’ll bet she’ll have some good lookin’ kids!

9:04 – Sen. Brownback would make a great president.  I’m glad he put the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act.  He’d put some hurting on adult Democ-Rats

9:08 – It ain’t surprising that Republicans look nice than Democ-Rats

9:09 – There’s the man!  He looks just the same as he did in 2001!

9:10 – All them liberals that say he don’t like black people.  He just said hi to a couple of them!  They’ll figure out a way to make that a bad thing.

9:11 – There ain’t no one more unfeminine than Nancy Pelosi.  See how she tried to boss the president around?

9:13 – “Madam Speaker” but he don’t look too happy about it.  Can’t say as I blame him.

9:14 – President Bush cares about everyone!

9:15 – “democ-Rat” majority.  He’s got some kinda self-control not to spit when he says that

9:17 – He’s holding out the olive branch but the Democ-Rats prolly wanna just beat him with it

9:18 – 7.2m jobs!  Low unemployment!  AND he’s gonna balance the budget too without raising taxes.  Ain’t nobody like him!

9:18 – He gonna get rid of it in five years.

9:19 – Sorry, Hillary’s more unfeminine.  Them Democ-Rats is gonna cry when he gets rid of earmarks

9:20 – Get rid of entitlements – we’re gonna have a surplus if he can get that done!  Looks like Teddy K oughta be eating some Special K!

9:22 – No Child Left Behind really is gonna get him in the history books.  No more of this liberal “it don’t matter what the right answer is” style of teaching.

9:23 – Y’all don’t worry about the healthcare stuff.  He’s just trying to make the Democ-Rats feel good.  He wouldn’t have said that stuff about the budget if he really meant it.

9:24 – Still, it’s a pretty good idea to give folks a tax break they can buy health insurance with.  The man thinks outside the box!

9:25 – Medical Liability Reform – didja hear all them lawyers like John Edwards booing?  Or were they Boo-Hoo-ing!

9:27 – Well, I aint’ sure we oughta let the Meheecans in.  We oughta kick them out and the crime rate will drop like Michael Moore chasing a cheeseburger of the Empire State Building.  At least ain’t saying “Amenesty”.

9:29 – Strength through energy independence!  Again, y’all don’t worry about all the hippy talk.  He don’t mean it.

9:32 – Look at them Democ-Rats jumpin up like monkeys!  You can just say the word “alternative” and they start getting all happy like your retarded cousin.

9:33 – Democ-Rats watch out!  Y’all better stop blocking every single one of President Bush’s judicial picks

9:34 – Damn towelheads!  We’re gonna kick your butt!  I still get choked up when I think about 9/11.  Them towelheads don’t know what they started!

9:36 – “things that did not happen”.  That’s right!  You can’t tell liberals about that.  Liberals ain’t happy until stuff blows up.  When you point out we ain’t had another terrorist attacks they start whining about freedom

9:37 – We’re at war, liberals, and it ain’t gonna stop until we win.  If we stop short of the goal then we all die. They will throw us all in a concentration camp and make us stick our butts out to Mekka

9:39 – Let’s go after Iran right now!  We’re already in the neighborhood.  We’ll just go over and borrow a cup of sugar…and then kick their butts.  Once we got them under control then Iraq will calm down.

9:40 – “What every terrorist fears most is human freedom”.  Boy, that man knows how to give a speech!  You don’t wanna run into Condi in a dark alley, boy!

9:42 – We done so much in Iraq but ain’t nobody wanna give us any credit.  Iran’s trying to take over the Middle East.  I bet he had a pact with Saddam.  Too bad it weren’t a suicide pact!

9:45 – We don’t leave our friends!  We don’t cut and run!  We’re AMERICANS!  We stay until it’s over.

9:46 – He got the troop number just about right.  We almost got Iraq under control so we don’t need all that many guys.

9:47 – Time for Iraq to stop mooching off the US like them welfare mothers do.

9:48 – I hope they call the new plan Operation No Safe Haven.  We gotta get them boys under control or we’re gonna lose every freedom we fought so hard to win.

9:50 – Them liberals ain’t gonna give the New Way Foward a chance but they still ain’t got a plan.

9:51 – More soldiers to fight the War on Terror!  Can you hear the towelheads wailing right now? :-)

9:52 – Where are all of the “no nukes” hippies when it comes to Iran?

9:53 – Looks like Pelosi got some extra botox.  Did you see her pinkie ring?

9:55 – We could cut out a whole bunch of money if we cut out that AIDS program.  Kinda sounds like he’s supporting homosexuals

postheadericon The State Of The Union Tonight

Y’all better watch the State of the Union cuz President Bush is gonna rock yer socks off!

I’m gonna be writing about live on I’m also gonna be Skypecasting a wrap up starting at 10pm EST.  Click Here to join the discussion!

God is Love!

postheadericon 1/22/73

Y’all might have noticed the black background.  It’s to mourn the victims of of the American Holocaust. – More than 60 million murders remain unprosecuted in the the last 34 years.  More than 60 million lives prevented from making a difference in this world.  More than 60 million hearts that never got the chance to become born-again.  More than 120 million feet that never got to march in protest of their own murders.  More than 600 million fingers that never got to pull a voting lever and keep America moral.  120 million pairs of ears that heard not the words “I love you” from a mother’s lips but the cold, clinical voice of an amoral doctor or nurse saying, “well, it’s really a baby, yet.”

On this annversary of Roe v. Wade, I’d like you to stop for a minute and think about how you’d feel if your mother took you to the doctor, watched while your brains was sucked out, threw you in the garbage and then went out to have more anonymous sex.

I hope you’ll consider a donation to Operation Rescue to stop this American Genocide

God is Love!

postheadericon EXTRA – Billy Bob Raps!


We was talking about the bad influence of rap music on our youth the other day after a prayer meeting and I started making some fun of it.  Everybody started laughing and said it was really funny and that I oughta be some kinda rap star!  I tried to tell ’em I was just funning but they kept telling me that I should record it.  So I did.

God is Love!

My name is Billy Bob and I’m here to say
I’m a Godly man who likes to pray
I rebuke Satan every single day
I love the sinner but not the gay part

If you listen to this kind of music you should stop
You’ll prolly wind up getting arrested by a cop
It’s Satan’s music and it’ll make you shoplift
Why don’t go to church and drink a soda pop instead

Don’t listen to rap music listen to something quiet
If you ain’t heard The Sammy Hall Singers you should try it
This stuff’ll make you want to take drugs and get high
It will make you burn down your neighborhood because you started a riot

Jesus – The Anti-Rap

postheadericon Pat’s Airwave Presentation

Given that HR254 is gonna mark the end of free speech in America I figured that I better start practicing talking so’s that I don’t offend nobody.

God is Love!

postheadericon President Bush Has A Plan

I spent pretty much the whole hour talking about President’s Bush kick-butt speech last night on how we’re gonna finish the war Saddamn Hussein started.  President Bush is a clear-eyed visionary if ever I saw one and I, for one, am proud to call him my President.

After I got off the air, I got the following call –  

“Is this Billy Bob?”

“Yes, it is.”

“You’re a [curse word] idiot.”

Then he hung up.

Typical liberal – cut and run.

God is Love

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postheadericon Bye-Bye Saddam!

The world got a whole lot safer with Osama bin Laden’s right hand man outta the way!

And keep up the boycott of Ford who, if they had their way, would have you drive a gay car, buy gay gas and drive on gay roads.  God bless the American Family Association and Donald Wildmon for driving down Ford’s profits by 13% percent!!

God is love!

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