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postheadericon More Interview

Here’s some more of that interview with the guy that claimed to be from the BBC and asked stupid questions.

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postheadericon Good News/Bad News

Good news – Liberals activist judges take a break from legislating morality and uphold a ban on sex toys in Alabama.

Bad news – Melissa Busekos gets abucted by German stormtroopers and sent to a booby hatch simply for being home schooled.

I guess you take your victories where you can find ’em!

God is Love!

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Sign the petition to get Natalee Holloway’s room in Aruba named after her!

God is Love!

postheadericon Join The Forum!

If you’re looking for a new Hour of Being Good, you’re gonna have to wait until next week cuz I was down with a bad case of the flu.

Instead you can mosey on over to Billy Bob Neck’s Forum of Bein’ Good.  It’s been in the works for a little while now but I’m told it’s ready for the blessings of Jesus!

God is Love!

postheadericon “Completely Heterosexual”

That’s the diagnosis on Pastor Ted Stevens who got out of gay rehab this week.  He said that during the three-week intensive therapy he understood that he was a heterosexual and always had been.  Guess that shoots down your “born gay” theories don’t it?!

Also, check out!  President what?  I don’t think so!!

God is Love!

postheadericon Puckertime Again

Sometimes you gotta go where the sinners are and Puckertime is about as sinful as you can get.  I’m gonna warn you right now – this father and son just get drunk and swear and talk about stuff that you oughtn’t to talk about.  They had me on once before and asked me to talk to ’em again.

That’s the way Jesus works – just keep talking and they’ll get it sooner or later!

I can’t warn you strongly enough that this interview contains profanity and blasphemey.  Not from me, of course, but have a Bible close at hand if you plan on listening.

Puckertime Podcast

postheadericon War Is Like A Picnic

After throwing up all last weekend because of “Hanoi” Jane “Starts With F” Fonda and her tired, old, saggy hippie-commie talk, I got me to thinking about war.  A lot of people say that war ain’t no picnic, but it’s kinda like a picnic – get rid of the ants and you can enjoy a nice big piece of Democracy pie!

God is Love!

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