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postheadericon The Darwin Code

Doing a radio show is a journey of discovery.  Sometimes Jesus leads you down a path you didn’t even know you’d be on!  And that’s what happened!  Jesus showed me why Darwin rebuked God and started dreaming up this nonsense about monkeys.

Why won’t them liberals leave Ann Coulter alone?  Because they don’t like hearing the truth about John Edwards!

God is Love!

postheadericon No Mo Homo

Even as I was doing this show, lie-berals was working to turn the entire country gay by defeating the Marriage Amendment Act that would have stopped homo marriage dead in its tracks.  Given that unofficial polling among Evangelicals that attend church three or more times a week showed that 100% of them was opposed to homo marriage, it ain’t no wonder that Sodo-crats knew they’d lose if homo marriage got put on the ballot.  They must’ve called on Satan himself to defeat the amendment.  So this GodCast is already kinda dated.  We ain’t done yet, though!  Them Unitarians ain’t getting away with this!

I gotta go pray for America.

God is Love!

postheadericon BBN4P – Issue Video one

This is the first in a series of issue videos in my possible run for President of the United States. If y’all wanna know where I stand on something, send me an email to God is Love!  

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postheadericon President Who?


If God wants you to do something, then you best be doing it!  Am I gonna end up being President of the United States?  Only God can answer that question.  I did a little pondering on it, though, as well as talking about J. K. Rowling’s latest attempt to send our children to Hell.  And Dr. Dobson played a sermon by Pastor John McArthur detailing why God has turned His back on America – three words – gays and lesbos.

God is Love!

postheadericon For Immediate Release

William Robert Neck Announces Presidential Exploratory Committee

June 7th
BOSTON, MA – After conferring with Mrs. Shelley Goodman and Jesus, William Robert Neck, otherwise known as Billy Bob, announced his intention to form a presidential exploratory committee.  “As long that’s what God wants,” Mr. Neck said, “then there ain’t no reason not to.”

Mr. Neck, 44, is a contributor to the conservative website Shelley The Republican ( and hosts the weekly radio show, Billy Bob Neck’s Hour Of Bein’ Good Thursdays from10am to 11am on WMFO, 91.5FM in Medford, MA (  He says the thought of a presidential run never occurred to him until Mrs. Goodman insisted that he at least consider it.  “Billy Bob has the down-to-earth, straightforward and Godly thinking that Americans need in this time of terror and confusion,” Mrs. Goodman said.  “The Republican party has gone so far to the left that they may as well put up Dennis Kucinich for president!  It makes me physically ill to know that my party would even consider tolerating gays or condone the American Holocaust.  That is NOT the Republican party that I grew up loving.”

Mr. Neck’s platform consists of three simple steps to restore America’s spotless reputation for honesty, fairness and morality after the nightmare of the Clinton years. 

1. Go To Church
2. Home School
3. Gun Safety Classes

“That’s just about all you need,” Mr. Neck frequently says.  “God created America and America’s gotta stop turning its back on God.  Going to church is gonna make that tide turn around.  Number Two used to be ‘Destroy the Godless government school system’ but some folks found that too negative.  Instead, I encourage home schooling and that’ll mean the government school system is gonna just dry up.  When you home school, you’re in charge so you can offer a prayer before every subject and the commies at the ACLU can’t do nothing about it.  And, finally, Gun Safety.  It’s my goal for every man, woman and child in the United States of America to carry a weapon with them at all times.  Ain’t no mugger gonna try to rob an eighty-five year old woman when he knows she’s packing heat.  As Charl Van Wyk says, you don’t never hear of Columbine happening in a police station or an Army base.  The solution is more guns, not less”

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