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postheadericon Six Terror Free Years! (Fixed)

Six year ago Saddamn Hussien brought down the World Trade Towers.  He’s dead.  We’re here and doing better than ever!

Besides my usual jabbering, there’s a buncha songs about 9-11 that were just to powerful for the lame-scream ME-dia to play.  I’m hoping that this show’ll get these songs out!

God is Love!

postheadericon 9/11 – What So Proudly We Hailed


Six years ago, Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein unleashed the most evil attack the world had ever seen.  No one knows why they did it.  It came outta left field, a completely random act of hatred and violence.  Using Iraq and Iran as a secret base, they cooked up a plot they hoped would put the nail in the coffin of a country the rest of the world looks up to for guidance, strength and as a role model of freedom and democracy –  the United States of America.

But it didn’t work.

Sure, America had got fat, lazy and stupid over the previous eight years.  Just look at the president we had.  If it hadn’t been for God’s ever watchful eye, Bill Clinton woulda destroyed the United States all on his own.  We turned into a country of corrupt, drug-using, homo-loving, Internet addicted adulterers.  Clinton couldn’t even find a good war to keep the military sharp!  And so America followed the “president’s” lead and curled up in front of with a pile of cocaine and a chubby Jewess.  Oh, sure, every now and again someone would question whether this policy of tune-in, turn-on and drop-out was wise but as soon as they started to get the message to the general public, Hellery’s squad of lesbian domestic terrorists quickly killed the messenger.  Our military, once full of proud, strong, manly MEN ready to jump on a grenade to save a regiment or romance a girl at a USO canteen, deteriorated to a nest of leather-clad S&M homos taking pictures of themselves engaged in the most vile acts ever imaginable.

Forced homo sex was common during the previous “president’s” term.
President Bush made it a top priority to stop homo sex in the military.

Our intelligence agencies fell apart, too.  Under a Republican president, the FBI and the CIA woulda seen this coming down the pike and quickly moved to stop it.  Instead, they were used to cover up TravelGate, find whores for the “president”, start trouble in Africa and investigate and terrorize godly people and organizations like The Army of God.

Maybe they did it just cuz by the end of the Clinton “presidency” America had a great big sign on its back that said “Kick me”.

At the end of the previous “president’s” administration, much
of the world thought that America, once proud and strong
had become a joke.

So on 9/11/01, they did.

Have you ever banged your funny bone?  Y’all probably know that it ain’t a bone and it ain’t funny.  It stings real bad and your arm feels kinda paralyzed and you wonder if your gonna be able to use it again but a couple of seconds later it’s good as new.  That’s the whole of the effect that 9/11 had on America.  We got stung, but not for long and we are back and kicking towelhead butt all over the Middle East!  There was a lot of people who wanted America to live in a perpetual state of fear – they wanted the terrorists to win.  But like Ronald Reagan – we don’t got nothing to fear except fear!

Today, the dumbo-crats will prolly focus on the past.  What could have been done to prevent it?  How could it have happened?  Why didn’t President Bush stop it?  Who was behind it all?  And most important – how do we make this President Bush’s fault?  That kinda thing is called living in the past and it don’t do no one no good.  We gotta saying from where I come from – Whenever you point a finger, you got three fingers pointing back atcha.  Lie-beral would do well to remember that before they open their big, fat, foul, lying, deceitful, slanderous, traitorous anti-American mouths.

The four pointing fingers of the lie-beral defeato-crat will never beat
the four points of the cross on which our savior was crucifed or even
the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  When will they understand

Instead, let’s take this time to reflect on the good things and be proud of America!


Stock Market – When the stock market opened again on 9/17 it had fallen 684 points to 8920.  At the end of the week it fell to 7551.  Where is it now?  Almost double that!  You towelheads wanna try to destroy our economy?  Nice try, God-haters!  I’m sure the lie-berals will find something bad about that.


Jobs – Since 2003, 8,000,000 new jobs got created.  That’s 8,000,000 new jobs.  8,000,000 of ’em!  That’s no small number.  Plus, thousands of kids found a new and fulfilling career in the United States Military.  Military service is one of the first things that an employer looks for when they hand you a job application to fill out.  These boys got a jump on everyone else!


Security – Sometimes you need a catastrophe to point out the weak spots.  During Katrina we found out that Negroes would rather spend their money on frivolous entertainment than on good reliable transportation.  Now that we know that, we can start teaching them the need for having a car.  With 9/11, we learned that the previous “president’s” “don’t ask don’t tell” policy also applied to policing the border.  Anyone and everyone could just waltz on into the US regardless of their intent to destroy it.  The fact that the FAA, under the previous “president” allowed deadly weapons on board airplanes points out just how badly the country was run.  Whole cosmetic cases full of potential WMDs flew unchecked.  Why do you think the favorite shampoo of terrorists was “Head and Shoulders”?  How many phone calls from Buffalo to Baghdad went unchecked that updated Saddam on the sinister and ultimately unsuccessful plot to destroy America?


Morals – Some quick points to consider.  Since 9/11 –

  • Islam is no longer considered as a “peaceful” religion.  This has caused many former Islams to find Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  This might never have happened without 9/11.
  • The fight against homo marriage intensified with many states passing anti-homo-marriage laws.  A lotta folks see this as a return to God teaching from Genesis on that marriage is between a man and a woman.
  • The number of abortions since 9/11 steadily decreased.  Americans understand that if we are to win this thing then every man will be needed and killing pre-borns is not only a sin against God but anti-American, too.

There’s literally hundreds of thousands of examples of how our country took the lemons of 9/11 and made sweet, tasty lemonade that even Grandma would be proud to sip in the shade of a tree on a hot summer day.

So on this 9/11 Day, as we pause to remember the thousands of American men, women and pre-borns killed as the towers crumpled into the streets of Manhattan under the planes of terrorists and the hand of God, let’s remember that it took a man of President Bush’s stature and vision to bring the United States back from the brink of destruction to a place of almost unheard of prosperity and goodwill.


God Bless America!

God is Love!

postheadericon Islam – America’s Trojan Horse


Y’all owe it to yourselves to listen to the whole show of Crosstalk about this.  Dr. Don Boys is one of the smartest good speakers that I ever heard.  Ain’t nobody can really make you understand how Musilms wanna take over the country and force their beliefs on folks who don’t give a fig about changing.  PLUS, like he says, Mohammed Allah lets Muslim lie and not feel bad about it!!  That just ain’t right.

God is Love!

postheadericon So Sorry Cecil

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to remember our friend Cecil Sinclair and all the gay sex that he had with every single man in this room…

I got no doubt that the homos that come here to have a good laugh at God-fearing, patriotic Americans is probably licking their chops (and anything else they can lick, too) and IMing their cybersex boyfriends trying to find out where they can attend that kind of memorial service.  It’s really a homo’s dream – sex and death all in the same room.

Well, they ain’t gonna find it a High Point Church, that’s for sure!  When Pastor Gary Simons figured out what Sinclair’s “buddies” was up to, he put and end to it quicker than John Edwards ducking into a hair salon. 

Pastor Gary Simon did the right thing when he refused
to show homo porn at a memorial service for Cecil Sinclair.

It just goes to show to what lengths homos will go to in trying to see who can get to Hell first.  Sinclair’s brother is a janitor at High Point and when Sinclair got pretty ill from an infection getting him ready for heart surgery, Simons went and visited him.  When Sinclair died, the church kindly offered to let the family use the sanctuary for a memorial service…free of charge!  If that ain’t the spirit of Jesus then I ain’t sure I know what the spirit of Jesus is!

Before I go on, lemme ask y’all a question.  It oughta be pretty obvious that I’m a heterosexual, God-fearing, meat-eating, patriotic American.  So , if you’re a gay, vegan, Yurpeen, America-hating, satanist homo, do y’all really think you’re gonna be welcome in my home?  I hope y’all ain’t so whacked out on crack cocaine and cheap gin to not know the answer to that question.  About the only way it’s gonna happen if you either lie or don’t tell me the truth.

myq kaplan (and he really does spell his name stupid like that) typifies
the sodomite, vegan, atheist America-hater that all true Christians should
turn their backs on.  Let a “man” like this into your home and y’all might as
well pack your bags for Hell.

So how in the name of all that’s holy and sacred did Sinclair’s family and “friends” think it was gonna be ok for a dead gay to have a memorial service in a Christian church??  Well, they either lied or didn’t tell him the truth.  Y’all don’t forget that Pastor Simons went to go visit him in the hospital and not once did this Sinclair guy say to him, “Oh, by the way, I like to put my penis into the anuses of other men.”  Not once!  This guy had a chance to confess his sinful and un-Godly lifestyle and beg Christ for forgiven of his sins to a pastor and chose to stay silent.  And you can’t always tell when someone’s a homo.*

Since his brother worked there, the church not only offered the sanctuary but also said they’d put together some kinda “multimedia” presentation to play during the service.  But when the girl got the photos she realized the church almost got infected by the Homosexual Agenda.  Included in the photos were pictures of him hugging, kissing and grabbing the crotch of some guy!  And they wanted to show these pictures in a church!

Some ministers think allowing active and unsaved homos
in churches is just fine.  Most of these churches, though, rent
rooms in Holiday Inns because they can’t get enough of them
to fill a 5000 seat church like High Point.  Why do you think
that is?  Could it be that homos hate Jesus?

 Gary Simons showed remarkable courage and faithfulness to the Word of the Lord when he called off the service.  Of course, the family and all his homo friends started screeching like a Provincetown drag show.  They ain’t got no cause, though cuz it’s really pretty straightforward – a Christian church must not be used to conduct a Black Mass.

Pastor Simons said it real good in an interview with the Dallas News

The pastor said that he could imagine a similar situation involving a different sin. Perhaps a mother who is a member of the church loses a son who is a thief or murderer, Mr. Simons said. The church would surely volunteer to hold a service, he said.

“But I don’t think the mother would submit photos of her son murdering someone,” he said. “That’s a red light going off.”

What else can you say after that?

God is Love!

*I’m thinking that maybe this kinda thing could get cleared up if hospitals started putting something like a rainbow sticker on the end of hospital beds with homos in them.

[Ed. Note – Our fact checkers discovered that High Point church may not, in fact, be a Christian church.  Pastor Simons wife is the brother of anti-Christ candidate Joel Osteen.  While STR strictly adheres to it’s credo of trying to remain neutral, this is a compelling reason to believe that High Point actually belongs to the decidedly non-Christian realm of “emerging” churches.  The danger of these false churches is well documented.  However, we must applaud Pastor Simons for having some moral backbone and pray that he will turn back to preaching the Gospel of Jesus rather than the God-awful-spell of Rick Warren and his toadies.  N.W.]

postheadericon I See London…


Well, I’m not allowed to say all that much about it but I gotta go to London around Christmas time and, to better serve our Lord, I’m trying to find some places that I might be able to witness at. As y’all prolly know, a lot of folks mistake me for being a comedian (which ain’t true) but I do love witnessing in comedy clubs cuz when people are laughing they’re more like to let Jesus into their hearts. I can’t tell you the number of times that I got an email even a week after witnessing with somebody saying, “What was that bit about eternal life through Jesus?”

So if y’all know any clubs in the London area, I’d be mighty grateful for any info y’all could give me! Let’s show them Limeys how we all do it in the country that God chose to spread freedom through out the world!

God is Love!

postheadericon Dealing With Radicals Properly

Radicals know that the best way to bring down democracy is get on TV.  Cindy She-man certainly knew about that.  Put a TV camera on her and she’d hunker down on her America-hating haunches and weep and wailing about how George Bush killed her son.  And she’d go to almost any length to let her screechy, whiney, commie wail be heard throughout a country that didn’t care about anything she said.  What kind of person sneaks into the State of the Union address wearing a t-shirt with some pro-Al Qaeda slogan on it?!  Answer – Someone who hates America.  Too many times these selfish and impolite radicals disrupt what should be pleasant events meant to inspire people’s patriotism and it ain’t right.  I hope that whoever let her in got kicked out on the street ASAP.

The State of the Union message is NOT the time or place
for traitors like Cindy She-Man to criticize America.  It is
the time for President Bush to tell us what a great job
he’s doing and to unite the nation behind an important and
just cause.

As Sam mentioned a couple of days ago, I’m sure the hysteria probably started as soon as y’all woke up.  (“This is the last day I’ll ever see the sun because of George Bush!!”).  Before y’all start talking about so-called “freedom of speech” and the “right to self-expression” just take a minute to ask yourself about President Bush’s right that lie-berals, dumbo-crats, defeato-crats, homos, lesbos, commies, socialists and PETA trample all over like Michael Moore at an all-you-can-eat buffet.  As my daddy used to say to me, “If your momma and I wanted to listen to a child talk like an idiot, we woulda had a girl-child, so stow it.”

Recently, the Atheist Commie Lunkhead Union cost the taxpayers of this country $80,000 because two anti-war morons at a Fourth of July celebration in West Virginia got all bent outta shape after refusing to cover up shameful messages on their t-shirts.  They rightly got kicked out and then turned around and (cuz lie-berals are sore losers) sued the government.  Again, I hope the double-agent that let them in got tried for treason cuz it shouldn’t have never got that far.

The fact is that the White House has plenty of good procedures in place to stop this kinda thing.  It’s called the President Advance Manual and lie-berals are dancing in the streets because the White House got forced to release some of it.  The fact is that it shows just how smart the Bush administration is!


Thankfully, lie-berals did NOT get the whole manual released.  The
parts about using non-destructive weapons on protesters and water
bottles laced with sleeping pills are nowhere to be found.  Ain’t no reason
for anyone to know about that.

The parts that did get released show an administration committed to not allowing America to get over run by those whose only wish is to turn over the keys to Osama bin Laden and whoever the head chink is now.  The best way to prevent nay-sayers, they say, is make sure you got a ticket to get into the event.  This lets them makes sure they know who’s coming in.  For example

Caller:  I’d like to get a ticket to see President Bush on Labor Day
Operator:  Ok.  And can you tell me the reason you’d like to see President Bush?
Caller: I want him to know that I hate him and America and capitalism and…
Operator:  Go to hell, you commie.
[Operator hangs up]

Already, America is safer!

Sometimes, though, the more treacherous of them lie through their teeth

Caller:  I’d like to get a ticket to see President Bush on Labor Day
Operator:  Ok.  And can you tell me the reason you’d like to see President Bush?
Caller: I’m a patriotic American and want the thrill of seeing the leader of the Free World up close.
Operator:  Well, then, you’re in for a treat!  I’ll get those tickets right off to you!
Caller:  Thank you!  God bless you, President Bush and the United States of America!
Operator:  And God bless you, too!
[Operator hangs up]

Win one for the traitors?  Not quite!


 Another benefit is that if they ain’t too high on drugs to make it to the rally, they gotta stand in line and hand in their ticket!  This gives the staff time to search out the malcontents.  Do they have beards?  Sandals?  Towels on their heads?  Are they appropriately dressed?  Do they look like homos?  Sometimes it’s little tiny things like an American flag pin that’s upside down or off kilter.  You can see how sharp eyed advance people can make the difference between a great rally full of cheers and folks pumping their fists in the air and a news story about protesters that steals the President’s message of hope.

It also stresses that you gotta work real close with the local police to make sure that you know who’s who in the local America-hating movement.  I’m guessing that one of the parts that didn’t make it involves making sure that local ACLU, PETA and other radical leaders wind up getting pulled over for traffic infractions.

Still you can’t catch everyone.  Occasionally, traitors find ways (legal or illegal) of infiltrating events.  That’s when you gotta bring out the Rally Squads.


If that don’t inspire confidence that we can win the War on Terror, then I don’t know what does!  This is a President that knows what he’s doing and if terrorists and protesters would stop cheating and play by the rules, then America would be number one before you could say Vice President Dick Cheney!

postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – RFID


Now y’all know that I ain’t none to happy about this RFID stuff.  Revelations talks about the mark of the beast and RFID sounds a little to close to that for my liking.  BUT – I don’t wanna rule out the possibility that God wants us to use this technology for good.  RFID (don’t ask me what it stands for) lets you track evil lead paint covered toys coming over from China.  From what I understand, there’s some people that put them inside their pets so they can find them if they get lost.  It’s possible that that God wants America to use this kinda technology and put these chips into Mexicans and Muslims to track them like pets.  I know I’d be a whole lot more secure knowing where they was.

Briefly Patriotic – RFID

postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Stop Labor Day!


Aint’ it just the height of lie-beral, commie newspeak that so-called “Labor Day” is a day off for working people. If they was honest, it’d be called Sit-On-Your-Butt-And-Read-Karl-Marx Day. The fact is this “holiday” marks the beginning of the end for America being the first time commies had enough members to subvert the government. Take a listen to the reason behind it. It’s supposed to show “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations”. Unless you’re a retard, a Satanist or a towelhead, then y’all know that “organization” means commie. We call on President Bush to put a stop to the glorification of the subversion of American principles and put and end to so-called “Labor Day”.

Briefly Patriotic – Stop Labor Day!

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