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postheadericon The War On Christmas

Dr. Hon. Rev. Dobson hit the nail right on the head – 2007 is the perfect year to put a stop to the war on Christmas.  I’m sick of being treated like a second class citizen and having people crossing the street whenever they see me!

God is Love!

postheadericon Christmas Fun Sheet

I know that I’m pretty excited about celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and my kids is, too.  When they was littler, right after Thanksgiving they’d be running about the house asking “Is Jesus born yet, Daddy?”, and they wouldn’t stop until I told ’em that Jesus weren’t none too pleased that they wasn’t listening to their parents and sent them to their room to contemplate on what Hell would be like.

We also started a tradition of using this Christmas Fun Sheet to keep ’em busy and out of our hair.  It’s a great way to keep their hand, heads and hearts focused on Jesus and I can tell you from experience that they can do it over and over again for hours and never get bored. 

Y’all can click on the picture and get the full sized copy that prints out just fine.  Print out a dozen or so for the car ride down to Granma’s and Grandpa’s for Thanksgiving!  And print out a bunch to give to your teacher to have in the classroom for a special treat!  They’ll thank you for it!


God is Love!

postheadericon The Question No One Asks

I was listening to Pastor Peters this evening.  He got a way of looking at things that I guess you’d have to call “thinking outside the carton”.  He come up with things that other folks miss cuz he ain’t thinking like other folk think.  There’s all kinds of way of knowing things.  You can hear it like you hear lie-berals screeching about “tolerance” and “fairness” and you know they’re fulla you-know-what.  You can see it like you see homos prancing around naked in the street and having butt sex and you know they’re evil and going to Hell.  You can smell it like you can smell Grandma’s lemonade and know it’s gonna be just about the tastiest thing that ever passed through your lips.  But all of those ways of knowing might still be deceptive because the only way you can ever know anything for sure is know through God.  If God ain’t telling you what you’re seeing, hearing or smelling then you gotta 50/50 chance that it’s really Satan in disguise trying to tempt you.

Pastor Peters does an awful lotta traveling so he listens to the radio in his pickup and on this last trip God helped him to know something.  And what he now knows sent shiver down my spine and forced me to my knees to pray for the salvation of mankind and/or the Rapture.  He said something like –

I do an awful lotta traveling so I listen to the radio in my pickup and I tune around and listen to this and when I don’t like it I listen to that and when I don’t like that I listen to something else.  But the one thing I noticed on this last trip was something folks don’t talk about on talk radio.  And it don’t matter whether it’s so-called religious talk radio or so-called conservative talk radio (and there ain’t such thing as either of them, by the way).  It don’t matter if it’s a preacher or pundit or something else entirely or a little bit of both.  There’s one question that they don’t ask.  One question that they shy away from.  One question that is so obvious and so crucial and so vital that you gotta scratch your head and ask yourself, “why ain’t they asking that question?”.  And the question is this –

How do we know that this candidate or that candidate does not actually work for Satan and the destruction of God?

Why is no one asking that question?!  That oughta be the first question asked of anyone running for a public office?  Are you an agent of Satan?  And if you are not, how can we trust that you will devote yourself mind, body and soul to the furthering of God’s kingdom here on this earth?  Don’t that seem like the most important question you can ask someone – and not just a candidate but someone you work with or a friend or a stranger in the street – “Are you an agent of Satan?  And if you are not, how can we trust that you will devote yourself mind, body and soul to the furthering of God’s kingdom here on this earth?” 

Why don’t they ask that?

He went on to explain about the pope-lovers and the Jews and the towelheads re-assembling their unholy alliance to defy God but I had a hard time following it because, well – WHEW! – when I thought about it I couldn’t believe that I ain’t never considered the point before!  I started thinking back to the all the shows that I heard over my many years of fasting during presidential election that God would let His will be known and I realized that not once had I heard that question asked – Are you an agent of Satan?  Not on the Atheist Broadcasting Company, the Commie Broadcasting Service, the Numbskull Broadcasting Company, the Commie News Network,  the Mighty Stupid Numbskull Broadcasting Company – none the folks asked that question! 

Even the two news networks that you’d think would ask that question didn’t.  Fox News, the most trusted source in news, should ask it because if God didn’t already know everything already, He’d watch Fox.  The other one is National Palestinian Radio because they ain’t gonna be happy unless an agent of Satan is elected president.

I hope that if you wind up at one of the debates that’s gonna be happening over the next year or so that if you get to ask one question of the candidates then ask then this – Are you an agent of Satan.

God is Love!

postheadericon The Death Of The Bible

Satan found a way to replace every single Bible in every single hotel and motel room in America with a sex kit!   We are living in the End Times, folks, so get your Rapture shoes ready!

God is Love!

postheadericon Does Pat Really Hear God?

People who listen to the Hour of Bein’ Good know that I’m not a critical man but when someone like Pat Robertson claims that God speaks with him and yet remains unaware of the fact that God will make me President on 1/20/09…well, I just don’t know what to say!   And when he backs a cross-dressing, homo-loving baby killer like Giuliani…all I can say is that the End Times must be coming soon.

God is Love!

postheadericon Issue Video – Religious Freedom

This lays out my response to charges that the Neck Presidency will bring about a Christian Theocracy

postheadericon Issue Video – Nuclear Weapons and WMD

This is answering a question from some lie-beral dumbo-crat about what I think abou the US having better weapons that then people that wanna destroy us.

postheadericon BBN Debut CD


Just to let you know, I started recording a little five song CD last week and I oughta be finishing up in a week or so. I might throw an extra song or two on it and maybe a couple of videos but we’ll wait to see what God’s got to say about that.

The song’s are gonna be –

The Sodomite’s Lament
Killin’ Every Arab I Can See
Merry Christmas, Al Kida
Vote Neck in ’08
God Made The World (In Seven Days)

I’m talking with the folks from the Help The Heathen Foundation about donating some money to ’em but we’re still talking about it.

I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be called “Song To Stop People From Bein’ Gay” but if y’all got any suggestions, lemme know. Here’s some of the other titles I been thinking about –

Liberalism (And Other Diseases)
God’s Troubadour
God, I Love You!
Jesus, You’re Great!
Save America
Nothing To Fear (But God Himself)
Christian American Male
Songs For The Godly
The Billy Bob Neck Songbook (With Billy Bob Neck)
Sing Along With Billy Bob!

Anway, I hope y’all are gonna get a kick out of it. I’ll surely let ya know when it’s done!

God is Love!

postheadericon Halloween Horror

Halloween is Satan’s Day and that became pretty darn obvious when our house was attacked and the police did nothing about it.  The family and me set up a make-shift abortuary on our front porch and for some reason all the neighbors got bent outta shape about it.  I talk a good long while about that and about how lie-berals seem to think even THEY are a joke by putting up a candidate that thinks he saw a UFO!  I’m really starting to think that somebody’s trying to pull our leg!

God is Love!

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