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postheadericon Give The Statute Of Lie-Berty Back To The Cheese Eaters!

Folks, you may not know this but one of the biggest threats to American security come under the guise of a so-called “national treasure”.  That’s right.  The Statue of  Liberty is really the Statute of Lie-berty.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that it oughta be an act of TREASON to allow our school kids to think that some statue made in FRANCE represents America.

I don’t know who got duped into taking delivery of
the piece of crap, but ship it back to France C.O.D.!!

It don’t matter how it got there – it’s time for Miss Lie-berty to take off her whorish make-up and show her true face – the face of France – the face of cowardice – the face of deceipt – the very face of Sodom.  As Americans, we owe to GOD to tell them frog-leg eating hobos that we don’t need a symbol of their moral outhouse stinking up our shores no more.  Ask yourself this question – if the Statute of Lie-berty is such a symbol of America then why didn’t them towelheads fly their planes into it instead of the World Trade Towers?  Why?  Because it ain’t American – IT’S FRENCH.  The French love terror and hate freedom just as much as them dang towelheads.

So I say get it out of there!  I don’t care what they do with it.  They can bury it in the sand for all I care.  And if moron runs across it a thousand years from now that’ll be a thousand years too soon.

planet of the apes
Maybe someone already had the same dream that I did!

I wanna share something I found a month or so ago that’ll open your eyes to the evil dangerness of the Statute of Lie-Berty.  I’d keep the kids away from the computer when you look at it.

What the heathen Statue of Liberty really means

Freedom to seek asylum in America from the rightful stigmatization of true criminality in other nations

Freedom to practice homosexuality or lesbianism

Freedom to murder innocent human embryos and fetuses

Freedom to publicly blaspheme God

Freedom to worship satan (Note: we do not capitalize the word satan even when it begins a sentence).

Freedom to practice obstetrics and gynecology as a male physician

Freedom to make and sell pornography

Girl sitting at the table in classroom

Freedom to abandon children to daycare and public schools while seeking the fleeting American dream.

Freedom to make a living off foolish, vain and immoral employment.

Freedom to abandon parents to nursing homes.

Freedom for women to foolishly seek to be equal with men.

Freedom to elect moral criminals such as homosexuals, lebians, murderers, robbers and other criminals to government positions.

Freedom to make heroes and celebrities out of deathworthy criminals.

Goodbye Pogo, a 16 x 20, Oil on Canvas Board, by John Wayne Gacy. Pogo was Gacy’s Alter-Ego. He gave this painting to close pen-pals at the end of his life. Gacy's collection includes a variety clowns, pop culture icons, other infamous serial killers and Disney characters. The work is currently on display at The Arts Factory in Las Vegas. (Courtesy to Pioneer Press: The Arts Factory Las Vegas)

Freedom to sell and purchase crime tools and art of muderers.


Freedom to produce and make megabucks off violent and murderous video games, toys, movies and music in order to teach children how to become violent and murderers.

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-02-27

  • here we go – y’all gonna put up a lesbian or a left handed negro to lose? #
  • shame on the dumbocrats…period #
  • obama’s a towelhead – what more proof do ya need?! it don’t matter where the picture come from #
  • they’re both soclialists – they both hate america – what more do ya want? #
  • you wanna a president that can’t even say the names of the states of the America?? #
  • both of ’em would turn america over to the taco jockeys so who cares #
  • homobama’s been too busy smoking crack and praising allah #
  • looks like they switched from meth to downers tonight #
  • don’t you go hating the troops homobama! don’t you dare! #
  • obama’s a muslim that why fartikhan endorsed him #
  • obama oughta disdain and protest if he was real serious about not being a muslim but he didn’t so he ain’t #

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postheadericon Larry Sinclair And The Evidence

Larry Sinclair has put up with more than even Job woulda been able to bear.  Never has one man had to put up with so much ridicule and so much hate.  Let it be a warning and an inspiration for all of the truth-tellers and whistleblowers out there – the dumbo-crats, the Council on Foreign Relations and Louis Farakhan will do everything they can to stifle the truth!

Larry Sinclair is a true American hero who seeks only for the truth.  If Barack Obama comes forward with the truth about smoking crack cocaine and having homosexual relations with Larry Sinclair then I might consider looking at his candidacy a little more closely.  Until such time, however, it’s quite obvious to the objective observer who is telling the truth and who is lying.

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Yours In Christ
Newton Wilcox
Board of Directors
Shelley The Republican

postheadericon HOBG – Larry Sinclair: In His Own Words

I’m taking you through Larry Sinclair’s air-tight story as he told it on the radio a couple of days ago.  You’re gonna hear the TRUTH about what happened when gay, negro crackhead, Barack Homobama had gay sex in the back of a limo.  Like Larry says – this ain’t about him being a negro or a homo or a crackhead – it’s about him stepping up to the plate and telling America about him being a gay, negro crackhead.  If America wants to vote for that then God will destroy America and that’ll be that.  What’s important is that TRUTH – and Homobama ain’t telling it!

God is Love!

postheadericon HOBG – Lie-berals Destroying America…AGAIN!

How many times can lie-berals destroy America before we gonna wake up and outlaw ’em?  How can you vote against something called the Protect America Act?  That oughta be the tip off right there!

God is Love!

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-02-22

  • we need to invade cuba like we did iraq – depose the dictator and set up democracy #
  • the CORRECT ANSWER – we don’t meet with commies #
  • hillary will make every american family host a mexican family *in their home* #
  • "it’s disciminatory against the taco jockeys that broke the law to get here and took my job *boo hoo* #
  • we need to mine the rio grande river #
  • clean coal is the future #
  • it’s ok for me to steal other folks words and thoughts…what’s the big deal? #
  • we’re winning the war on terror and will continue to win the war on terror until we win the war on terror #
  • support the troops and stop talking about how we ain’t treating them good!! #
  • @bigshow nuclear weapons #
  • @bigshow and make them live in fear? heck no! #
  • president bush’s new budget is balanced by 2012! dang lie-berals #
  • @bigshow we’re kicking terror’s ass right now and when we’re done we’ll take on fear #
  • @bigshow – go and vote and tell your friends to vote, too #
  • hillary and barack both lost – alan keyes won #
  • i gotta prep prayer group tonight so y’all say your prayers before bed – night #

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postheadericon The Lost Episode

Y’all prolly know that the HOBG updates been a little sparse.  That’s cuz WMFO has been remaking their site so it’s more satanic so I ain’t been able to download the shows.  Anyway, it’s back up again and they told me that the show from 2/4/08 was still up there so…here it is.  I gotta say I don’t remember too much about but some guy called up towards the end and tried to make a monkey outta me.  Too bad I don’t come from a monkey.  I was made by GOD!

God is Love!

postheadericon BBNHOBG Returns

Believe me, I ain’t been too happy with them sodomites over at WMFO, either.  They done switched me show to Mondays and then started tinkering with the website so’s you can’t download the shows no more.  They keep saying it’s gonna be back up but it ain’t.  What they DID do though was fix this CD thing that records the show onto a compact disc (I guess that’s what “CD” stands for).  ‘Course, they don’t tell you how to work it so the first couple minutes of the show are gone forever.  Still, the rest of it’s there, so praise Jesus!
God is Love!

postheadericon Sign The Pledge TODAY

While we have only the greatest respect for James Dobson, we do sometimes question his commitment to Christianity and its role in keeping America strong.  His pledge for Christians to vote only for candidates with sound biblical roots was a good start.  If you truly care about bringing God back to His rightful throne in the United States of America, please sign this pledge sheet and make multiple copies for your church and prayers groups.

Yours in Christ,

Newton Wilcox
Board of Directors
Shelley The Republican

Dear God


As Americans and Christians, we know that You expect more from us than You do from other countries and the non-Christian savages that live there.  We understand the only way to celebrate Your glory is to make America the only land that Jesus would feel comfortable living in.  To that end, we hereby pledge to only support candidates for any office, local, state or federal, that believe unreservedly in the following principles laid out by You in the Bible


1) Life – We will only support candidates that believe in the sanctity of human life and will work to protect it from the cradle to the grave.


2) 2nd Amendment – We will only support candidates that pledge to allow free and unfettered use of firearms for any purpose.


3) Marriage – We will only support candidates that believe that marriage is a sacred covenant between a man, a woman and You.  Furthermore,  we will support candidates who will only recognize Christian marriages and will work to get the government out of people’s bedrooms and let God in.


4) Homos – We will only support candidates that pledge to eradicate the homosexual agenda and the homosexuals that perpetrate it.


5) Faith – We will only support candidates that are willing to speak Your name and the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ who died on the cross to absolve us of our sins, loudly and proudly in any and all venues in which they speak at. 


6) Free Trade – We will only support candidates that believe in free trade in which America is no longer shackled by the sanctions of nations that are inferior to us.  Jesus wants Americans to prosper and would not have kicked the moneychangers from the temple if they had not been Jews.

We hereby pledge to boycott any media, organizations or individuals who refuse to support this pledge and/or actively work to undermine it.  We hereby authorize Shelley The Republican and its agents to speak for us in any capacity and in any forum, public or private.

We pledge to keep this pledge on our refrigerator until such time as America truly becomes “one nation under God” the founding fathers declared or we are transported to Heaven in the Rapture.
Yours in Christ


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Church Address

Church Tax ID Number


Pastor’s Name (Printed)

Pastor’s Signature

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Y’all come over and join me at and cheer as Alan Keyes kicks butt for America and God

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