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postheadericon Terri’s Day

I hope y’all will take a few moment out of lifetime of selfishness and sodomy to think about how Terri Schiavo was murdered just because her husband got tired of it.  Terri weren’t no dog and she weren’t no horse that need to be put down.  She was a young, vibrant healthy woman who could talk and follow a ballon with her eyes.

We’re still think about you, Terri and we know that you’re in Heaven sipping lemonade and following us with your eyes!

God bless you!

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postheadericon The Key To Freedom

If y’all don’t know Blog Talk Radio then y’all ain’t really understanding where to listen to the smartest Christian Conservatives in the United States of America.  And one of the greatest shows on Blog Talk Radio is The Key To Victory hosted by Cao.  I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that she is one of the most Christian and Godly woman who’s ever made sure that her house was clean and her husband was satisfied.

I was lucky enough today to get on her show and I wanna thank her for making time and space for me.  I’m hoping to get on there a heck of a lot more!

BBN On Cao

God is Love!

postheadericon BBN On Blog Talk Radio Today At 3:30pm EST

I’m gonna be doing a show on Blog Talk Radio today at 3:30pm.  Y’all can call up at (347) 327-9411 to gimme your testimony or offer prayers for President Bush and even say a couple of nice words for Terri Schiavo Day on 3/31!

God is Love!

postheadericon 4000

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postheadericon God Don’t Like Fatties

God gave us a body with which to worship him so there ain’t no good reason to not treat it good.  That’s why Jordan Rubin of Perfect Weight America wants you  to look as good as you can for God.

Plus I started talking about how good we’re doing in Iraq but there’s just so many good things happening I done ran outta time! 

God is Love!

postheadericon Happy Easter!

The Easter Song

Well, some kids are complaining
Cuz it is raining
Hear how they moan and they grunt
Cuz if it was sunny
Then the Easter bunny
Would have left lots of eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt

For kids two and three
It’s easy to see
That Easter means candy and gain
Parents, it is your duty
To tell them God’s beauty
And how Jesus died in unbearable pain

Oh, my Lord Jesus he died for us
In a brutal and most holy way
And when he came back he had barely a scratch
And all our sins were washed away

Well, they took a whip
And they shredded his flesh
Til it hung down from his shoulders bloody
And on his head
A crown of thorns
And I want you to know it don’t feel too good, buddy

Nails six inches long
They drove through his palms
And also they drove through his footsie
And, oh, how they laughed
At the vinegar bath
Is that any way that you’d like to die, tootsie

Oh, my Lord Jesus he died for us
In  brutal and most holy way
And when he came back he had barely a scratch
And all our sins were washed away

Folks, let your children know the Truth
Of his blood, pain and tears on that day
Cuz the Devil is waiting with malice and glee
To turn your kids liberal or gay

postheadericon Homobama – Gay Negro Crackhead Racist Betrayer

I know y’all are sick of hearing it, but if we don’t do something soon, we’re gonna have a gay negro crackhead in the White House and we can kiss our freedom goodbye.  Not only did Homobama have homo sex in the back of a limo while smoking crack, but he just turned his back on the man he looked to as a father figure when his own daddy run off to join the Taliban!

Only YOU can stop him so give what you can to Larry Sinclair’s Legal Defense Fund!

God is Love!

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-03-13

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postheadericon Two Important Issues

There’s two real important things that y’all need to know about –

1) DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO SAVE THE CHILDREN – That American Graven Image show is gonna be doing another “charity” show on April 9th.  Turn off the TV and read the Bible instead.  If you give money to American Graven Image you’re killing pre-borns!  If God wants ’em to eat, he’ll give ’em food.  Otherwise, them Africans’ll just grow up, get pregnant and have abortions.  DO NOT BE DECEIVED!!

2) I already put it on my website, but y’all need to really think about whether Homobama is really a voodoo priest.

God is Love!

postheadericon Horrifying!

Sometimes  you read something and you just know it’s true and sometimes you know it’s even truer than that!

This Homobama thing is getting ready to pop and I think this post is gonna put it over the edge.  I had my suspicions, but I think this makes a pretty good case for Homobama being a high level voodoo priest that kills thems he don’t like.

God is Love – Pray For The USA

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