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postheadericon Larry Sinclair – One Step Closer To His Goal

You gotta really have a lotta faith sometimes to make through the hard patches that God throws down to make things not so easy for you and to make sure you ain’t getting to big for your britches.   I bet I ain’t the first one to say that Larry Sinclair been put through the trials of Job and maybe a couple of other trials on top of that, too.  I only hope he ain’t got to the festering boils part cuz that one always made my stomach go a little bit queasy.

Larry ain’t gonna stop fighting and you can tell it just by looking and listnening to him.  He got what my grandaddy used to call “the eye of the tiger” and if you on the other end of that eyes, son, you better think about finding another part of the forest to be in cuz you ain’t gonna be staying that part for too terribly long…at least not and still be alive.

Every day more and more people are hearing about how Larry (and I ain’t condoning it in the least little bit) had homo sex with Barrack HUSSEIN Obama while that negro smoke cracked cocaine that he bought without even asking Larry if it was ok.  I ain’t too sure why the Lame Scream Media ain’t jumping all over this.  If it was President Bush they’d have put it out the moment they heard it!  If Larry had penetrated Vice President Cheney’s anus in the manner in which homos do, the New York Times woulda got rid of all the other news that day just to talk about it and the Commie News Network and National Palestinian Radio prolly woulda blown fuses in their equipment.  If some upper crust Harvard whore had violated Condaleeza Rice’s vagina with her lesbo tounge, well, my goodness the world would come to a stop and there would be public copulation on every street corner in America.  But Larry Sinclair performs a sexual act on that Negro Obama while he smoke crack cocaine, well, you don’t even here some much as a whisper.

All that’s starting to change, though, like I said.  Bigger and bigger media places is starting to let the story out.  It’s getting to the point where some shows just casually talk about it cuz everyone knows what there talking about.  I find it pretty promising that Don Black and David Duke of Stormfront Radio one of them shows.

It’s only a matter of time, Larry!  Hang in there and trust that Jesus has a plan!

God is Love!

postheadericon More On Homobama

It’s already been shown that Homobama is a gay crackhead and y’all think that’d be the end of it but I don’t think that it is.  The Homobama camp keeps talking about about how they got the most small donations but what can you buy for $10 or $20?  That’s right – drugs.  Is Homobama selling drugs for votes?  I don’t know.  Can you prove that he ain’t?

I also heard from a friend of mine the Promise Keepers that he’s looking into the disturbing issue of what happens to the penis when a homo decides to become a “woman”.

This one ain’t child-friendly, folks.  Keep the kids outta the room!


God is Love!

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