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postheadericon My Neighbor Velveteen Walker

I ain’t quite sure why I let her on the HOBG, cuz she’s just plain crazy but she just done showed up to do almost nothing but complain about my yard.  Her husband’ll give you a good deal on a Hummer, though.

God is Love!

postheadericon Great American – Tony Zirkle

There’s a lot of Americans that are just downright disgusted with the political process right now.  “All politicians is liars and cheats”, you can hear ’em holler all up and down America.  And I gotta admit that sometimes I feel the exact same way.  When the dumbo-crats give you a choice between a Wiccan lesbo and a left-handed gay, negro, Muslim, well, that’s when you gotta lean on God and say “Thy will, not mine, be done”.

And then a man comes along that restores you’re faith that God ain’t quite ready to give up on America just yet.  That man is Tony Zirkle who’s running for Congress in Indiana.  The lie-berals will probably make a lot of fun of his last name and call him a homo but those who believe in the healing power of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior know better than to judge a man because of his name.  After all, it ain’t like he’s some kind a big nosed Jew.  And Tony would say the same thing cuz he’s a Christian.

As a Christian, Tony knows that preaching to the choir ain’t the way to bring people to Jesus, though Lord knows a lot ’em still got a pretty long walk to get there.  Instead, he looks for the opportunities that other are too snotty and snobby to be bothered to pay attention to.

“If you want to witness to people, if you want to share your message with people, you have to talk to them.  By not taking a risk and going out there and addressing issues that your enemies can paint you as a racist or a bigot, then we’re never going to address them.”

When was the last time you heard about a lie-beral
asking a leper about how he felt about killing
pre-borns?  This is the kind of outreach Tony
Zirkle thrives on.

And as a Christian, he knows that what Katherine Harris said was true – “If you’re not electing Christians then you’re legislating sin”.  That’s why he’s running for Congress again this year – to make sin illegal.  Of course, the so-called “Republican” leadership ain’t doing much to help this fine upstanding man.  As a matter of fact, they done kicked him out of the party and ain’t gonna let him attend any events!  So much for defending the morals of America!

Why should he be elected to Congress?  Because he’s got the right ideas –

Segregation – “While we are brainwashed with respect to integration and forcing everyone to be together and basically all arguments to the contrary are silenced, historically it’s very often been the case that you have to segregate and apartheid people to stop the continual war.”  Plus, he’d make all these half-breeds and octaroons choose which race they wanna be an stay there.  There’s a novel idea!

Pornography – “Most of the male porn stars were Jewish at the beginning”.  Most porn stars are negroes now and wanna have sexual intercourse with “young, white, Christian women.”  Don’t get him wrong though.  It ain’t that he hates Jews and negroes, it’s just that they’re more susceptible to the “porn dragon” preying on ’em.  Tony puts his money where his mouth is by spending $1200 of his campaign money to buy a original copy of the first Playboy…and put it through a shredder!  NOW, do you see why the porn dragon is doing all it can to stop him?

Tony Zirkle strikes a blow against the future Hannah Montana’s
of this world by destroying pornography one magazine at a time!

Middle East Peace – “We have a Jewish state there but we don’t have a Christian state. If we continue along the path we are going the Christian presence in the Middle East is going to be systematically wiped out completely. Christians used to be a majority in Lebanon but now they are a minority because of the higher birthrates of Muslims over there. The civil war that has been going on for 30 years or so on and off is basically wiping out all presence there.”

Stopping Child Porn – “I will introduce legislation that will create thousands of “private attorney generals” across this nation. They will investigate, subpoena and civilly forfeit the proceeds and assets of the child porn industry on their own time, and when they are successful, they can keep 1/3 of the proceeds for their time and efforts. As an additional incentive, I will propose that their student loans be placed in deferment and that proceeds can be used to pay down their principle balances. No one should be able to market child exploitation and profit from that activity.”

Stronger Penalties – Tony wants to bring back the guillotine and the lynch mob.  I think that’ll REALLY make criminals think hard before the kill some 98 year old grandma for kicks!

If that don’t sound like a candidate who’s got his priorities straight then I don’t know nothing about politics!

Billy Bob Neck is one of the leading Conservative
thinkers in America politics today.  He is the recipients
of several STR Awards for Exceptional Political Commentary

Every American has a right to participate in our democracy no matter what foul, evil, satanic followers of the democrat party say.  Lie-berals can’t be bothered to lower themselves to talk to a lot of the real Americans that fight for the freedom and purity of this country.  And that’s their loss, but Tony’s a whole lot smarter than that.  He spent too much time as a prosecutor not to get a clear vision of the Jewish/Zionist conspiracy that runs through this country and the importance of voters who see it as kind of an open raw sewage pipe just waiting for young Christian children to fall into.  So, it’s only natural that he’d want to address the American National Socialist Workers Party and listen to their beleifs and concerns.  They’re Americans, too, and they vote just like the baby-killing dumbo-crats vote.  And if it was Hitler’s birthday – BIG DEAL!  Lie-berals celebrate Margret Sanger’s birthday and nobody blinks an eye!  Does this mean I can stop getting dirty looks when I don’t bother to say “Happy Martin Luther King Day” to a negro?

Lie-berals who glorify the American Holocaust oughta
get off their high horse about who’s a good killer and
who’s a bad killer.

So praise the Lord that this politics of personal destruction that dumbo-crats, wiccans and homos practice ain’t kept all God-fearing Christians from throwing their hat in the ring!  Maybe if we get a couple of more men like Tony Zirkle God will spare the United States of America from the destruction is so richly deserves right now!

God is Love!

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postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Lock ‘Em Up!

 Even when the news is good, the Jew York Crimes has to make it sound like it’s a bad thing.  Ann Coutler was right – it’s too bad they didn’t fly the planes into the Jew York Crimes instead.  The latest great news they wanna turn rotten is that the US leads the world in the number of criminals we lock up.  I don’t get it.  What’s so bad about locking up criminals?  Unlike the rest of the world, the United States has always been a nation of good laws administered fairly.  When someone breaks a law – they go to jail.  The fact that we got almost twice as many criminals in jail as China oughta be a good thing cuz it means our police are doing their job.  But I guess the Jew York Crimes thinks that criminals oughta be allowed to roam free, raping, killing and murdering whoever they want just so we got the same amount of folks in jail as France.

Briefly Patriotic – Lock ‘Em Up!

postheadericon A Public Service Message

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postheadericon Stop Killer Polar Bears!

It’s obvious that lie-berals wanna destroy American business through their “eco-friendly” “alternate fuel” crap.  There’s only one way to make  a truck and that’s with coal power.  There’s only one way to get the coal to the plant and that’s with a truck.  End of story.

Also, Don Swarthout’s gotta real good idea on how to win the Culture War – give a section of it to different pastors!  Check out his CRAVE website to sign up for stopping homos or protecting pre-borns!  See ya on the front lines!

God is Love!

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I’m gonna be doing a show on BlogTalkRadio at 3pm EDT so come on by

postheadericon Big For Jesus!

Who’re you gonna listen to?  A little tiny 99lb shrimp or a big hefty guy who’s telling you to accept Christ as your savior or get your butt kicked?  I think it’s a pretty clear cut answer.  That’s why lie-berals keep trying to push this crap about “eating healthy”.  Hogwash.

Also, a update on Larry Sinclair and it looks like the negress Oprah is working on trying to mass hypnotize the whole US.

Y’all ain’t gonna wanna miss this one.

God is Love!

postheadericon We Miss You Terri

Terri Schiavo was brutally murdered by her husband who just got bored of her.  I remember this vibrant, healthy woman who no less a doctor than Bill Frist said was not in a persistent vegatative state.  I remember her and talk about this sad and cautionary story.

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