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postheadericon Hour Of Bein’ Good – God Hates Asia

Why don’t heathen understand that destroys their “countries” cuz they ain’t getting right with him?  First Burma, then that Myanmar place and and China?  Don’t none of this get through to y’all?  On the bright side, Phyllis Schlafly made a real good point about how women cannot get raped by their husband.

God Is Love!

postheadericon Hour Of Bein’ Good – Tony Zirkle

Tony didn’t win and I feel real bad about that.  I wish I coulda done more to help him.  But it ain’t over!  I know that he ain’t gonna stop until he lops off the Great Porn Dragon’s head with the dual swords of truth, justice and piousness!

God is Love!

postheadericon An Interview With Future Congressman Tony Zirkle

I wanna thank Tony Zirkle again for taking the time out of his busy campaign schedule to talk about running for Congress with me.  Those of you who think you know Future Congressman Zirkle don’t know what you think you know.  Like he says – the folks that wanna keep him out of the race are the real nazis.  I hope y’all will get a better impression of him and help him fight the Great Porn Dragon by getting him into Congress!God is Love!

postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Homos: See Something Say Something

Here we go again – another principal stands up to protect her students from the wages of sin and the next thing you know the American Communist Liberties Union is screaming their dang fool heads off about how you tried to protect America instead of destroy it.  Just ask Daphne Beasley, the principal of Hollis F. Price Middle College High School in South Memphis.  All she wanted to do was put an end to the non-stop sexual orgy that was perverting her school.  So she had a list put together of all the non-married “couples” and posted it to make ‘em stop heading down the road of sin.  Well, two homos showed up on that list and because they’re homos and need to hide their sinfulness, they start stamping and crying about their “rights” getting violated.  What about the rights of straight people who don’t want to witness “gay affection”?  If America is gonna get right with God then we gotta treat homos like we treat terror – see something, say something?

Briefly Patriotic – Homos: See Something Say Something

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