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postheadericon Hour Of Bein’ Good – Helping Iraqis With Their Oil

You just can’t win, can you?  Don’t help people suffering under the yolk of tyrannical oppression and lie-berals will jump down your throat.  Help ’em get out them get out from under the yolk of tyrannical oppression and lie-berals will jump down your throat.   It don’t make no sense to me!  They got their hackles up because the US government is helping Iraqis write the oil contracts that’s gonna help us pay them back for liberating them.  What with them screaming about the cost of the war, you’d think we’d be getting some applause instead.  NOPE!

God is Love!

postheadericon The Bright Side of $5 Gas


The New York Crimes reports on just that – crimes.  Whether it’s their undying support for Barack Osama Homo bin Laden or Sen Joseph Biden’s intimate involvement in the conspiracy to silence the honorable and trustworthy, Larry Sinclair, they’re gonna report on it.  Where the best place to buy heroin?  Check the New York Crimes!  They frequently report on the health of the prostitution industry (since most folks who read it also go to prostitutes) and it was a recent whore report that showed the bright side of high price  of gas.  Prostitution is down 19%!   The Lord works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform, so if it’s gonna take $5 gas to bring this country back to morality then I say – BRING IT ON!

The Bright Side of $5 Gas

postheadericon The Pelosi Premium – How Dumbo-crats Plan To Kill Democracy

The Pelosi Premium

If you couldn’t have seen $4/gallon gas coming the moment that Nancy “Mafia Princess” Pelosi got “elected” Speaker of the House then you don’t read the Bible.  I wonder just how much of the money good, hard working Christians pay at the pump goes right into the purse made of the skin of dead pre-borns that Pelosi carries around with her? $2?  $3?  The straight out fact is that gas went up 70% since the dumbo-crats took over Congress.  70%!  That buys a lot of crack, don’t it, “Senator” Obama?  It’s all part of the lie-beral plan to destroy the American economy and set up a Communist dictatorship in the US headed by a murderous, left-handed, gay, negro, crackhed voodoo priest whose name I ain’t gonna mention.

See, by driving up the price of gas, they’re hoping to start what Pelosi calls “the grand and glorious revolution of the proletariat”.  They think the American people are so stupid that they won’t see through their evil plan, blame the Republican party and vote for a  murderous, left-handed, gay, negro, crackhed voodoo priest who’ll then declare himself Supreme Commissar for Life, opening the door for Obama bin Laden to waltz right in and make it illegal to have bacon with your eggs in the morning.

If Homobama gets elected, ham, bacon and sausage will
no longer be allowed on the family breakfast table because
we will be forced to be muslims

Americans ain’t that stupid, though, and when God appoints the new president, gas prices are gonna fall faster than Michelle Obama fell for the line that her “husband” was a heterosexual.

“How’s that gonna happen, Billy Bob,” all the drugged out lie-beral zombies are gonna cry, “Lord Obama says it’s impossible to bring down gas prices and we believe him cuz he’s so handsome!”  Well, he’s lying!  Simple as that!  We got oil lying all over the United States of America, just wanting to be drilled and dug up but the dumbo-crats won’t let us!  They’d rather see Americans suffer and wilt rather than lift a finger to help them  After all, John Kerry don’t give a fig about ordinary Americans.  He justs wants to laugh at their pain!

This is the vision of the American family put forth by the dumbo-crats
for the 2008 election.  You think this is why God created America?

And Americans are  suffering under the iron thumb of La Cosa Pelosi

  • A family in Texas had to cancel their cable to pay for gasoline
  • A family in Maine had to cancel their summer vacation plans just to send their son to Eagle Scout camp in Colorado
  • A family of twelve in Oklahoma has to get by on a quarter can of beans per person just to be able to afford to drive their Escalade to get the kids to school.
  • A grandmother in Mississippi died because her son couldn’t afford the gas to drive her to the emergency room when she had a stroke.

The number of tragedies wrought by the dumb0-crats numbers into the millions!  And all of it could be avoided if they’d step out of the way and let us get the oil God gave us.  It’s like this spokesman said on Fox News Sunday a couple of weeks ago –

The Creator didn’t leave oil and gas on every plot of land

But he did tell us how to find it and we owe it to both ourselves AND God to use what he gave us.


Can you find ANWAR?  If it’s so big, then how come you can’t see it?


Now, unless you’re home schooled, you probably don’t know that this is a map of the world.  If you look at the purple part in the upper left hand side – that’s Alaska.  There’s a whole ton of oil in Alaska that the Dumbo-crats wanna tell us we can’t use.  Why?  Because we might kill a couple of snow fleas.  Oh, boo hoo!  Let all the grandmother’s in America die from strokes but please, oh, please save the snow fleas!  Y’all can call me anything you want but I would personally hunt down every gol-darned snow flea in the world to save my grandmother.

Save the snow flea or save Grandma?  The only possible reason to
spend any kind of time thinking about this question is if you’re a drug

Another reason the commies say we can’t take God’s oil outta there is that it’s so “pristine”.  That’s a bunch of crap because I bet they never been to Alaska since most homos don’t like the cold.  Can you see Barney Frank up there in ANWAR trying to have butt sex with  an Eskimo.  I bet they’d be feasting on his blubber in no time flat!  I might be able to understand not drilling around the Creation Science musem because there’s people there to enjoy it.  But ANWAR?!  No, sir.

There are some lie-berals that say it’ll take 30 years to start getting oil outta ANWAR and it don’t help with the short term solution.  They’re stupid.  If we’d started drilling there 30 years ago we wouldn’t be where we are now!


What would you say to 3 trillion barrels of oil?  Think that’d bring down the price of gas?  Lie-berals say no thank you.  This is the only  country in the world where we hold a wake when we find new oild supplies!  Shale oil extraction could solve our gas crisis overnight.  But the dumbo-crats won’t even let you dig a hole in the ground.  “We have to respect Mother Goddess Earth”, they blaspheme.  Let’s just remember that God told us that we held DOMINION over the earth!  The only thing that we ain’t supposed to touch is the forbidden fruit and that dumb broad already messed that one up.  So just like the female of the species always does, Pelosi don’t do what God wants and does do what He don’t want.  We are the Saudi Arabia of coal and shale AND we don’t wear towels on our heads.  That’s a win-win in everybody’s book except the lie-berals.  You see, it don’t advance the revolution.

What’s wrong with digging holes?  Beats me!  I bet that
lie-beral parents don’t even let kids dig in a sandbox now!


What do you care about more – having the God-given right to drive around the corner to the store or taking a ride on a dolphin?  That’s one of them questions that you don’t really answer.  It’s more to make the point that defeato-crats are so stupid that they don’t realize that we are part of the environment too!  It ain’t the plants and animals that made America the greatest country on earth.  It’s people!  And progress takes energy.  Them Greenpeace terrorists don’t never think about the fact that it takes gas for to drive their boats to stop Americans from having a nice tuna fish sandwich for lunch.  If they was honest then they’d swim.  But they ain’t.  Instead, they wanna let 85% of the oil that that Creator put under the ocean just rot like milk left out on the counter.  Why?  Because they hate America.

If Greenpeace really cared about the environment like they
claim they do, they’d stop using boats to rob Americans of
the gas that belongs to them and swim instead.

So to sum it all up, if you don’t wanna turn this country into a land of commie mulisms sitting around reading the koran by candlelight call your congressman TODAY and tell him that you want every single drop of oil we can get our hands on!

God is Love!

postheadericon HOBG – Larry Sinclair: Truth Teller

Some of y’all are gonna think I lost my mind doing two shows in a row about Larry Sinclair and his quest to save America from a gay, left-handed, murderous, musilm, homosexual negro voodoo priest and if you do then you’re the one whose crazy!  In this time of rampant terror we need a STRONG leader and not one who’s gonna sell the White House silverware just to get an armful of crack!

WARNING – The “DJ” before me played one of the most foul and satanic songs that I ever heard.  After talking with the Lord, it was His opinion that I oughta include it to show folks just how wicked liberal defeato-crats are.  DON’T LET THE KIDS OR THE GRANDPARENTS LISTEN TO THIS.!

God is Love!

postheadericon Blog Talk Radio – Larry Sinclair – Political Prison

That oughta be a pretty descriptive title

postheadericon Blog Talk Radio – Sunday 6/21 – 4pm

I know I been a little bit sketchy doing the Blog Talk Radio show but with Larry Sinclair now a political prisoner of Barack Osama Homo Bin Laden it’s gonna be real important to get as much information out about it as possible!

So tune in (or whatever y’all are supposed to do) this Sunday 6/22/08 and call in, too, to let Homobama know that this kind strong arm tactic might work in Harlem but it don’t work here in America!

postheadericon HOBG – Why Should I Believe Larry Sinclair

I spent the whole HOBG on the most important topic of the 21st century – Larry Sinclair’s heroic attempt to to stop a gay, left-hand, murderous, muslim, crackhead voodoo priest from becoming president.  I wish I’d had two hours.  Or three.  Or even more because it’s that important!

God is Love!

postheadericon Why Should I Believe Larry Sinclair?


With Larry Sinclair’s press conference coming up on 6/18/08, there’s not only a lot of dumbocrats shaking in their Birkenstocks that the man the put their faith in instead of Jesus is about to get exposed for the drug-taking, murderous, lying, Muslim, left-handed, homo, negro voodoo priest that he most certainly is.  Still, Americans are a fair people and they wanna have all the information they can get before making the decision they know in their hearts to be true – that “President HUSSEIN Obama” will destroy America’s value and Christian heritage by selling us out to the towelheads or worse.

I was talking with some fella name xjblib over at Big Head DC, one of the best places to find out just how guilty Barack Osama Homo Bin Laden is and not have to listen to a bunch of morons and homos trying to defend him.  While I was talking with him, it occurred to me that there ain’t a single document, like the voter’s guide that Dr. Dobson hands out, that’ll really let you look at the facts real quick and make up your on mind based on the information that’s given to you.

So I went ahead and made one.

The biggest thing about this whole dust-up is that fence-sitters say, “why should I believe Larry Sinclair when I don’t know him from Adam?”  If you’re stupid enough to ask those kinds of questions, then this chart is gonna show you beyond a shadow of a doubt that Larry Sinclair is a whole lot more trustworthy than Barack Osama Homo Bin Laden.

A dumbocrat thinks he can find truth anywhere when, in fact,
truth only comes from the common sense that God gave you.

The way works is like this – I identified 12 important things that are key to figuring out whether to trust someone or not.  For each thing would make you not trust someone, I gave the person a point.  It’s really pretty simple.  When you add everything up you’re gonna see that Larry Sinclair scores a 2 and Barack Osama Homo Bin Laden scores an 11!  So who do you think is the more trustworthy person?


no_america.jpg Illegal Citizen – There’s real good proof coming out that Homobama ain’t even a American!!  Hawaii might be a state but Rick Warren calls himself a Christian, too.

name.jpg Foreign Name – Ronald.  George .  Herbert.  Those are names that sound America and that means that you can trust them.  They ain’t the names of someone’s who’s gonna kill you in your sleep.  Osama.  Achmed.  Barack.  Them’s the names that terrorists have.  I ain’t even sure why I gotta point this out but there’s plenty of drug-addled dumbocrats that don’t seem to get it.

jailbird.jpg Felon – You can’t trust a criminal but people make mistakes sometimes.  Larry Sinclair came right out and admitted the dozens and dozens of crimes he committed right out of the gate.  Homobama ain’t confessed to ONE of his.  If it’s between a criminal that went to jail and one that ain’t, I’m gonna go with the one that has.

drugs.gif Drug user – Larry Sinclair says he ain’t done drugs for a long time and I got no reason to doubt him.  Homobama said he stopped doing drugs  along time ago and yet he smoked crack cocaine with Sinclair AFTER he said that he hadn’t done drugs for  awhile.  How do we know that he still don’t smoke crack or heroin or something worse?  We don’t!

bloody_knife.jpg Murderer – Larry Sinclair ain’t killed one single person.  Homobama has killed three homo negros who thought they’d squeal on him.  I guess that’s like self-hating Jews or something.  One of the first things I teach my kids – DON’T TRUST A MURDERER!

clinton.jpg Liar – Larry Sinclair’s been 100% honest about everything he done.  Homabama can’t even talk about the weather without lying about it.  And he ain’t a good liar, neither.

terrorist.jpg Muslim – You only have to look at his name to know that Homobama is a muslim.  There’s even pictures of him with a towel on his head!  Remember when he talked about the 57 states he been to?  He weren’t talking about the United States – he was talking about ARAB states!  I’m currently talking to a couple of people that claim that he prays to Mecca seven times a day like the devout towelhead he is.  Larry Sinclair is NOT a Muslim.  He’s white.

mixed-handed-left.png Left-handed – It’s a proven fact that left-handed people are lazy, shiftless and wanna live off the government without doing a stitch of work.  They buy homes they can’t pay for but still somehow manage to drive around in Cadillacs.  Watch Larry’s videos.  He’s right-handed and that says a lot about a man’s character.

rainbow.png Gay – My song, The Sodomite’s Lament, is a pretty factual representation of the way homos live.  All they care about is sex, drugs and butt sex.  When you think about the lying and deviousness it takes to spend your life lusting after sinfulness it oughta be pretty clear that you’d be better off putting a gun to your head than trusting a homo.  Now some people are gonna say it takes two to have gay sex.  But according to his website, Larry Sinclair say that “he is single, never married.”  If he was a faggot, wouldn’t he say that?

question.gif Metrosexual – I ain’t sure what this is but I know that Homobama is one, Larry Sinclair ain’t and that you can’t trust someone who is.

voodoo.gif Voodoo Priest – Larry Sinclair is a white man.  Voodoo priests are negros.  Homobama has never allowed anyone to verify that he has a voodoo altar in the basement of his house.  Why wouldn’t he want to clear this up?  Why would you trust him if he doesn’t?

jockey_sm.gif Negro – Again, Larry Sinclair is a white man.  xjblib at BHDC makes the valid point that Homobama may be a Oreo but he ain’t a negro.  I had a hard time figuring out how to score this.  Originally, I was gonna give him a 2 on this because if you can’t say what race somebody is it makes it twice as hard to know if you can trust them or not.  Someone suggested that I split the difference and give him a half point but that made the math a little hard.  In the end, my pastor told me it kind cancels itself out so I oughta give him a 0 on it.  After praying, Jesus said the same thing.

Those are the facts.  Y’all go and do your research and you’re gonna find out the exact same thing if you’re doing it right.

So make sure you’re paying attention on Wednesday, June 18, 2008 from 1-5:00 PM.  The press conference will be in the Holman Lounge at the National Press Club.  I’m told it’s a pretty upscale place, too!

God is Love!

postheadericon I’m Voting Dumbocrat

 Some candy-butt lie-beral defeato-crat tried to make us look stupid with some video called “I’m Voting Republican“.  Jesus didn’t think it was too funny and neither did God.

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video.

postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – The Day America Died

Today is the day America died.  Thanks to a  Supreme Court ruling that towelheads have “rights”, we can expect not to be killing towelheads but giving ‘em all the more reason invade America and kill our wives, daughters and pets.  After all, just because they’re “enemy combatants” don’t mean they can’t hire some high priced lawyer like John Edwards to get ‘em out of jail to kill again.  I expect that by tomorrow afternoon thousands of al kita killers hiding out with taco jockey heroin dealers in Mexico will come flooding across the border laying waste to small towns and big cities alike killing every single Christian they can find.  You think Barack Osama Homo bin Laden ain’t itching to pack the Supreme Court with towelheads?  Think again.

Briefly Patriotic – The Day America Died

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