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postheadericon God’s Word Through My Mouth

Lemme tell you it was just one of those shows where I went in thinking I was gonna talk about something and God had a completely different idea!  It’s time to face the facts that y’all need to vote for Alan Keyes cuz John McCain has already turned his back on Jesus by throwing Pastors Hagee and Parsley under the Hummer.  And there ain’t gonna be too many Hummers left because Barack Osama Homo bin Laden’s manage to get two of the three factories that make ’em shut down!  The End Times are at hand, folks!

God is Love!

postheadericon Michelle “Shaniqua” Obama Bin Laden Proven To Be A Racist

It oughta be pretty dang obvious just by looking at her that Michelle “Shaniqua” Obama Bin Laden is a racist.  She don’t like white people but I guess we’re all supposed to just be ok with that.   She’s allowed  to call us anything she wants to and we gotta take it just because we made ’em feel real bad about htemselves.  Boo hoo.  That ain’t no reason to go around hating white people.  We didn’t start it!

It don’t make no sense.  If negro calls another negro, “nigger”, then that’s ok.  If I call a nigger a nigger that AIN’T ok.  If a negro calls me “whitey”, “honky”, “white bread”, “mayonaise”, “snowflake”, “cracker” or “white devil”, well, I must’ve brought it on myself, somehow but I ain’t supposed to go getting upset about. It ain’t right.

Now there’s a lot stupid idiots that’s gonna start whining about “how can you go calling Michelle “Shaniqua” Obama Bin Laden a racist when you ain’t got no proof?”  Well, cuz there’s is proof.  There is a tape of Michelle “Shaniqua” Obama Bin Laden cussing and carrying on about “whitey” this and “honky” that and all other kinda slurs against the people that made this country what it is today.

I’m sure that she thinks she’s got plenty of reasons to hate white people but she needs to step back and “take some responsibility”.  How the heck is it OUR fault if her great-great-great-grandfather sold her family to the “white devil”?  It ain’t like we held a gun to there head!  She’s more than welcome to take her and her Muslim husband back to the “homeland”.  And if she can’t keep her man from having homo sex with white men, then maybe she oughta think about staying home just a little bit more and taking care of the family.

Here’s the proof that Michelle “Shaniqua” Obama Bin Laden is a racist.

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You still want this gay, left-handed, murderous, muslim negro as President??

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