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postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Exxon Shows Us The Way


The good news about Exxon’s quarterly profits of $11.6 billion dollars oughta put an end to all this hoo-hah about the American economy being in trouble.  It ain’t.  When a company like Exxon can do good like that then there ain’t no reason that other companies can’t do good either.  It’s another indication that Phil Graham was right – this so-called recession is all in the heads of the lie-beral defeato-crat media and the idiots and homosexuals that pay attentions to it.  You don’t make the biggest profit in the history of the United States of America if the economy is in the toilet.  You don’t have to be a Jew to figure that out.  So, America, let’s stop whining about how you ain’t got no money and go out and make some.  Just like Exxon does.

Briefly Patriotic – Exxon Shows Us The Way

postheadericon Billy Bob vs. The Witches

This past Friday, the Lord set me a task that I didn’t really know if I was up to – converting witches in Buffalo, NY.  I shoulda known that the Lord would stand beside me and guide me through the night with a light from above!

God is Love!

And don’t forget to come to First Parish, 35 Church St. in Watertown, MA when I make mincemeat out of Richard Zimmerman

postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Protect America From Sin


Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council got it right.  When asked why some states have laws that prosecute adults for having sex with adults or using pornography or sex toys he said, “”The government is protecting the people who patronize those shops because I don’t think it’s in their interest to use pornography and sex toys.”  Too many times, people don’t understand that what they’re doing ain’t right.  The only way to get ‘em to realize that is through arrest and public humiliation.  Take the guy that thought it was ok to urinate in public:  His name got put in the paper for public exposure, he got fired and he’s on the verge of divorce.  I guess he’s gonna think twice about doing that again, don’t you?

Briefly Patriotic – Protect America From Sin

postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Janet Folger On The Nose


Janet Folger is as straight shooting as any straight shooter can be.  For years, her book, The Criminalization of Christianity – Read This Book Before It Becomes Illegal, has been the standard for books about how lie-beral dumbo-crats plan to turn us into a nation of pink jack-booted God-hating homos.  In her latest column in World Net Daily, she lays it out plain – “If we don’t win the marriage battle, now on the ballot in California, Florida and Arizona, people who disagree with homosexual behavior will … go to jail.”  And how true that is!  If the homo agenda has their way, they’ll place monitors on every street corner in America just waiting and listening for someone to say the Lord’s name in a praiseworthy way so they can arrest them and send them to gay re-education camp.  So if you wanna wake up one morning and be forced to divorce your spouse and marry someone of the same sex, then y’all keep on sleeping.  Me?  I gotta a date with Jesus.

Briefly Patriotic – Janet Folger On The Nose

postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Smut Free Cell Service


How many times have you picked up your cell phone to call the police to report the murder of a pre-born and wound up on some sex line because secular cell phone companies care more about promoting filth than giving you good, smut-free service?  How many times have you got a text message asking if you’d like to perform some lewd and indecent act?  If you’re as tired of it as I am, then there’s real good news – introducing The American Center for Law and Justice cell phone service company!  That’s right, Jay Sekulow’s ACLJ is now offering Christian cell phone service at competitive rates AND when you subscribe, you’re helping to stop homos, Satanists, lie-berals, pedophiles and other members of the Democrat party from gaining a further foothold in the United States of America because part of the price goes to fund the American Center for Law And Justice.  So if you’re tired of getting your cell phone calls routed by Satan, then get on over to and you’ll never have to talk to a homo again!

Briefly Patriotic – Smut Free Cell Service

postheadericon HOBG – AFA Boycott Of McDonalds

It’s time that people stop making the choice to not stay neutral in the culture ways.  It’s a simple thing NOT to do something – NOT to be gay, NOT to shoot crack into your eyeball and NOT to give money to the homosexual agenda so’s they can put homo sex toys in your child’s happy meal!  I’m pretty sure that McDonalds is gonna see the light when 90% of Americans stop eating there.

And also giving Mike Meehan the respect he deserves for putting out one of the best song of the millennium!

God is Love!

postheadericon Amen To That!

There just ain’t much more than I can add to what Mr. Mike Meehan’s gotta say in this soon to be American classic.  I ain’t sure why he’s gotta have the cussing, though.

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postheadericon iPods and Mind Control

We are looking into the proven fact that Apple (ain’t that a “ironic” name for a company in league with the devil) put subliminal messages on their iPods that turn you homo and make you vote defeato-crat.  With all this wireless junk out their, they can change the message whenever they want to.  THIS is how Barack Osama Homo bin Laden plans to work his satanic voodoo magic to try to steal the election and THIS is why only the power of prayer and the election of Alan Keyes can stop him!

It also turns out that America’s Hope Foundation got “outed” by Larry Sinclair as a front for the Obama campaign to make Larry look like a stupid retarded moron dummy loser.  That ain’t never gonna happen, though.

God is Love!

postheadericon Hour Of Bein’ Good – From BTR This Week

I’m suffering from a kidney stone that no doubt Barack Osama Homo bin Laden had something to do with.  PLUS, some lie-beral disconnected me from the internet so there’s a gap in the show, but keep listening.

I just wanna warn you that I’ve seen some fake Conservatives around here getting all PC when you talk about reparations.  Look out for ’em!

McDonald’s is being taken over by homos, according to Donald Wildmon and that’s gotta stop!  Is is gonna take condoms in Happy Meals for y’all to wake up!

Also, the America’s Hope Foundation ad featuring Larry Sinclair started and it’s a doosy!  There ain’t no way the Lame Scream ME-dia is gonna be able to ignore his very credible story!  And shame on Greta Van Sustern for not giving this the coverage it deserves!  Thank to Citizen Wells for pointing it out!

God is Love!

postheadericon BBNHOBG CHANGE


I’m a little bit under the weather and I ain’t gonna be able to make it in to do Billy Bob Neck’s Hour of Bein’ Good this week.  So instead, I’m gonna do it from home on  So come on by to at 11am on Monday 7/7/08.  Y’all can give a call there, too!  (347) 327-9411.

I hope to see y’all there and if not, well, God gave you free will to burn in Hell.

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