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postheadericon Happy Fourth of July!!!

Today is the day when America became the greatest country on the face of the earth and began it’s manifest destiny to bring power of God’s Love to the rest of the world.  For 232 years, this country has showed the rest of the world what democracy, honor and courage mean!

God Bless America!

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There’s a lotta grumblers about how Larry Sinclair ain’t done nothing but say the same thing over and over and over and over again without showing no proof.  Well that also changed today and like with everything that’s GOOD in this world, it took Christians to make it happen.  America’s Hope Foundation, one of the leading hope foundations in this great country of ours stepped up to the plate and released an radio ad today that gonna break this thing WIDE OPEN!  No longer will the Lame Scream Media be able to shirk their responsibility of proving that Barack Osama Homo bin Laden is a murdereous, gay, left-handed negro crackhead Muslim voodoo priest!  No longer will they not be able to NOT attend his press conferences to accept the answers that he gives them as true!  No longer will Sen. Joseph Biden and his son be able to conduct of a campaign of political terror passing bills that pertain ONLY to Larry Sinclair!  The burden of proving this was NEVER supposed to be on Larry Sinclair.  That ain’t the way it works!

It’s morning in America once again, folks!  For the first time I can feel really proud of my country for doing the right thing and exposing a out and out hypocrite and America hater.  In putting this ad out to a dozen or so radio stations spread out around in Virginia, Colorado, Florida and Nevada, I think we finally see the final nail in the coffin of Barack Osama Homo bin Laden!!

And to all them doubters and hateful people that never thought he wouldn’t prove and who kept whining about having to wait seven months for him to show any proof – well, we had to wait three days for Jesus to come back and it was worth the wait!  And so is this!

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I want every single person reading this to call America’s Hope Foundation at (800) 530-5106 and thank them personally for having the guts and courage to tell the truth about Barack Osama Homo bin Laden!

God is Love!

postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Homobama’s Southern Strategy


We all know that Barack Osama Homo bin Laden ain’t too bright but nobody really realized how too not bright he really was until he let the cat outta the bag about  his “strategy” to win the South – recruit negros to vote for him and then train them as al kita operatives.  Only a idiot would go ahead and say that publically.  But that don’t mean nothing lie-berals under the zombie spell he’s cast over them.  Heck, I’ll bet you there’ll be plenty suicide bombers looking to blow themselves up so they can get a cabinet position  There weren’t no way I was gonna ever vote for him to begin with, especially since Alan Keyes is the best choice, but it’s just one more reason for Americans to fear this murderous, left handed gay negro crackhead voodoo priest.


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