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postheadericon A Few Problems With Sarah Palin

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postheadericon Crowning BHO – The Terrorists Have Won

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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-08-27

  • y’all go ahead and nominate HUSSEIN – Alan keyes is gonna win anyway #
  • at least guam is speaking american instead that gluck gluck language samoa was speaking #
  • if this guy from iowa was a patriot he’d be voting for alan keyes not barak HUSSEIN obama #
  • that fella from maine ain’t too good with the talking. he’s prolly high on crack #
  • massachusetts – the birthplace of homo marriage #
  • there ain’t no tribes, mr. montana – we’re american now and y’all better like or go back to where you come from #
  • obama is the nominee and the terrorists just won #

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postheadericon Canada – Evil Empire or Third World Country

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postheadericon Vacation

Folks, me and the family are on vacation.  There ain’t much my lawyer will allow me to say about it.  I’ll let you know when things clear up a little

God is Love!

postheadericon American Hero – Brent Rinehart

You know, it don’t never cease to amaze me how the Godly are mocked simply for being Godly.  Whether it’s a full-fledged man of God like the late Rev. Jerry Falwell or Dr. James Dobson or just a servent of the Lord like Tony Zirkle, lie-beral satanists don’t waste no time jumping up and down on ’em with big spiked heeled Doc Martin boots trying to pound every ounce of life out of ’em.  That’s what satan teaches lie-berals – destroy, destroy, destroy.  Kill a pre-born, do a human sacrifice, tear down a man who only wants to make the world better.

And that’s just what they did to Brent Rinehart – ripped him down for no other reason than wanting to continue to be the best County Commisoner that Oklahoma County every had.  Who was voted Public Official of the Year by Governing Magazine?  That would be Brent Rinehart.  Who made sure that US veterans got first dibs on jobs in the county goverment?  Brent Rinehart.  He sponsored a law to make September Veterans Month in Oklahoma City.  He closed down strip clubs.  He pushed to keep the cross at the county fairgrounds and to keep homo banners off the streets.  In short – he did everything he could to keep his little patch of America free from sin and corruption.

The culture of Sin, Corruption and Death all begun
with Charles Darwin who told otherwise decent people
that they could act like animals and laugh at God.  That’s
gotta stop.

But lie-berals don’t like that kinda thing.  No they do not.

So they threw all kinds of mud and dirt at him trying to make whatever they could stick, just like Homobama’s doing to John McCain.  They been making all sorts of stupid claims about election fraud and how he spent too much money on furniture and, because he’s been exposing the police chief for the greedy so-and-so he is, the police department instead of applauding, turned their backon him.

Brent did the best he could – more than the best he could, really, cuz he had an idea that must have come to him in a dream about our Savior.  He knew that he needed to reach as many folks as he could and that a lot of those folks wouldn’t wanna hear his message.  So (and I gotta believe this was divinely inspired) he come up with a campaign comic book that laid out all of his positions and thoughts about what and who was good and bad.

Brent Rinehart’s masterpiece of campaign strategy will go down
as one of the boldest moves in America politics.  He is ahead of
his time

It’s a pretty straight forward piece of objective fact telling, using a angel and a devil to show that Brent has the Lord on his side while his opponents want nothing more than to sell Oklahoma County to the forces of evil.  And while it’s a “comic” that don’t mean that it don’t take on the tough issues that face Oklahoma County, like how Satan wants to make kids believe that being a homo is a good thing despite the fact that Oklahoma voted to stop homo marriage from happening.

Brent Rinehart’s well reasoned logic was held up to ridicule
by idiots and morons who wouldn’t know a good idea if it
bit them on the butt.

Despite the quality artwork and the arguments for re-election that almost approached poetry, Brent only got 21% of the vote, which ain’t right.

But in OUR eyes, Brent Rinehart is an American Hero!

postheadericon Shame On Y’all

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All of you folks from that Richard Zimmerman guy  – to call me a half man/half beast just ain’t right.  Don’t y’all ever think about how that might affect my kids?

postheadericon Special – Interview With Richard “Roy” Zimmerman

Richard “Roy” Zimmerman came sauntering into Sodomy Central today as part of his “Destroy America Tour” and says he wants to play some songs on the Hour of Bein’ Good.  I tried to tell him that it was on Mondays but he started screaming and stomping around.  I guess God wanted him to make a fool out of himself so he freed up an hour on the schedule and I think he did a pretty good job of it.  Why folks think a song like “Ted Haggard is Completely Heterosexual” is funny is beyond me.  He played about five or six songs live muttering his socialist rantings in between.  Keep the kids away from this one, folks.  The man is dangerous!

God is Love!

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