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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-10-30

  • well don’t he look like some kinda african king – is gonna have lions guarding him or something? #
  • he gotta a little halo on his head! that’s blashpemous! #
  • can we be sure that deval guy isn’t really obama? #
  • look at all them drugs those people use! #
  • did he already move into the oval office already? it just don’t surprise me #
  • he ain’t said nothing about spreading democracy and christianity #
  • obama exposed! y’all are being hypnotized every time you watch him!! #

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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-10-29

  • ain’t that just like a lie-beral – don’t tell ME they ain’t rigged the election – #

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postheadericon Barack HUSSEIN Obama Exposed As An Evil Hypnotist

This God-fearing American finally figured out exactly how Homobama, one of the most unqualified people ever to try to become president in the history of the world, got as far as he did.


I’m too mad to go into it all right now and besides, I gotta go get in touch with the FBI and have this no good snake oil salesman arrested RIGHT NOW!!  I want you to read the FACTS RIGHT NOW!! –

Your attempt to gain the Presidency of the United States by hypnotizing Americans has failed.
You shall not pass!  You have been stopped, because you nether deserve the Presidency, nor
does America deserve your fraud and deception.  It is quite clear that, after Americans find out
who you really are, including your use of hypnosis, you will never have even a remote chance at
the Presidency again.  You have been stopped because your deception has been found out.  You
were a master of influence, able to influence millions.  You were impervious to scrutiny that could
easily eliminate any other candidate.  However, exposing your use of hypnosis is what shatters all
of your other deceptions.  You have been stopped by one anonymous patriot with a pure heart
who is able to see you for who you really are.  There are those more powerful than you, Obama,
looking out for truth, justice, and the American way.  As the words of my favorite song go,
“Sinnerman, where you gonna run to?”

postheadericon It’s About Time Republicans Told It Like It Is!

I’m just about to bust my buttons with pride that the Republican party finally stopped pussy footing around and said what needs to be said – ALL DEMOCRATS IS ATHEISTS!  It don’t matter about if it’s some one in congress or the senate of the house of representatives or even some left-handed negro islam who thinks America is gonna vote for a socialist. They ain’t.

God bless you, Liddy Dole!

And God Bless the “major Hollywood producer” made this real funny and scary commercial showing how America would be ridiculed if Barack HUSSEIN Homobama somehow stole the election and became president.  He’d meet with Hitler without even blinking an eye.  Heck, he’d prolly just stop by his house on the spur of the moment and take him out for hot chocolate and pay for it, too!

It’s about time that every single American woke up to the fact that Barack HUSSEIN Homobama will destroy America.  It’s like Jane Porter said in her World Net Daily column, “obey Him in the voting booth and out of it. If not, do us all a favor and quit calling yourself a Christian.”


postheadericon BBNHOBG – Sarah Palin Needs To Look Pretty

Y’all know that I ain’t voting for McCain/Palin, but I ain’t never gonna understand why lie-beral want women to look like like lesbian auto machanics.

God is Love!

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-10-25

  • there’s no @stevegarfield so get down on your knees and pray for God’s forgiveness #
  • we don’t know nothing about this so-called “obama” fellow – we don’t even know what his real name is! #
  • @luv2shoppe that so-called “obama” coulda been born in a moscow whorehouse for all we know! #
  • @luv2shoppe that so-called “obama” don’t know nothing about bringing people together! he only cares about himself and socialism #
  • @luv2shoppe and “appears” is the key word there – i mean WE DON’T KNOW! if they can fake a moon landing they can fake anything! #

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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-10-23

  • @guykawasaki what’s wrong with a pretty girl looking prettier? i bet you’d rather have a hairy lesbo in overalls for VP #
  • @almightygod You don’t make no mistakes, Lord! #
  • @hbeeinc shut up, hippie – I’M doing just fine! #
  • @newmediajim george foreman was a heckuva fighter but that don’t mean he knows how to fight terror! #

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postheadericon Colin Powell Blew Up The Pentagon!

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-10-22

  • @madartists nobody gotta make that kinda thing! #
  • @madartists what’s wrong with the destruction of American family values and spitting in God’s face? is that what yer asking? #
  • @madartists y’all ain’t never read Leviticus, have ya? #

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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-10-21

  • @madartists LEAVE JOE THE PLUMBER ALONE! #
  • @Jane2McMahon i’d share the pulitzer with Fox News – we’re both fair and balanced and wanna make sure that lie-beralsm stops in out lifetime #

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