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postheadericon Hour of Bein’ Good – Two Hour Special

Wth the election so close, I been going through the debates and making sure the good parts get out.  WMFO screwed up last weeks debate show but this one is working.  I was gonna take the whole two hours to about the debate but some lie-beral started rasing a fuss about Michelle Bachman wanting to root out America haters from government.  WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THAT??

Anyway, I spent the first hour talking about that and the second talking about the debate.

God is Love!

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-10-18

  • @NObama4thisMama God bless you for saying the truth! i heard he’d put you in prison for saying John 3:16 out loud #
  • @NObama4thisMama that’s right! God don’t like liars and is gonna strike ’em dead if they don’t stop bein’ hate- God don’t like you Homobama! #

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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-10-17

  • @baratunde you oughta know that outta little ACORN great big commie who wanna destroy our way of life grow! #
  • @baratunde i ain’t hating america, destroying the fabric of democracy, killing the economy and sacrificing ducklings to satan! #

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postheadericon Leave Joe The Plumber Alone!!

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-10-13

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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-10-12

  • there’ll be a specail 2hr Hour of Bein’ Good tomorrow on start at 10am EDT on the 2nd pres debate that mccain won #
  • and jump on over to, too – i’m hoping to do a show later tonight #
  • @Bruce4Obama procreate? i ain’t gonna stop until Christians outnumber the islams! #

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postheadericon At Last, A Pastor Who “Gets It”

Pastor Raymond S. Porter really understands that the only way to follow Jesus and talk to God is to bury yourself for three days.  I think ALL us Christians need to re-think about how we relate to God and whether our commitment is as strong as Pastor Porter’s.

MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 9 /Christian Newswire/ — The event will be held at The Holy Ghost Church of Fire at 7110 Clayton Drive, Norfolk, VA, 23513

Date: October 12th at 2:00 pm through October 15th at 9:00 am.

This is about murdering innocent babies.  Our society calls it abortion, but I call it what it is murder.

The reason why I am doing this is out of obedience to God.  Many Americans think our economy is failing because of the Bush Administration, but they are wrong, it is because of sin.

We are a very sinful nation, therefore God is against us.  The only quote I have is from God’s word. 2 Chronicles 7:14 say’s ‘If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land’.  We are suppose to be a civilized nation but we are practicing Barbaric behavior called human sacrifice.  It is sad that we live in a county were it is perfectly legal to murder an unborn child for convenience, maybe the mother to be says, ‘It’s not the right time, I must further my career’, or a mother may tell her teenage daughter, ‘You must get rid of the baby because you are to young. You must finish school’. It is human sacrifice for one’s own convenience.  Senator Barack Obama said if he becomes president that he would intervene in the African countries where genocide is taking place. He will not however, intervene in Roe vs. Wade which is genocide that is taking place here in America everyday disguised as planned parenthood.

In closing I also have a message to share with the American People concerning the United States and Russia. It is not a prediction, it is a prophecy.

God is Love!

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-10-08

  • @blogdiva lou dobbs is too liberal #
  • #factcheck everything barack HUSSEIN obama says is gonna be a lie because he’s a muslim #
  • @Jane2McMahon amen, jane – gay, muslim commies is NOT gonna take over the United States of America!! #
  • i think y’all should drink everytime homobama tells a lie #
  • @nprpolitics i think what barack HUSSIEN obama needs to do is apologize to America and then get outta the race #
  • @anubis679 we oughta kick THEM outta the country too! #
  • i’m counting how many times barack HUSSIEN obama praises allah #
  • alan keyes knows that the best way to fix the economy is to pray for God’s forgiveness #
  • mccain’s right – i ain’t never heard of fannie mae and freddie mac – i’m gonna give him that one #
  • my wife wants me to turn off the sound when homobama talks – she says there ain’t reason to let the devil into our home #
  • @lindagambino president bush is thinking about winning the war on terror – that’s all he ever does! #
  • i’m so sick of barack HUSSIEN obama trying to pretend that he ain’t gonna give secrets to iran #
  • HUH? they wanna put money into people’s garages?? #
  • i ain’t saying that i agree, but i got a friend who’s a Christian scientist and he ain’t never been to the doctor ever #
  • i’m sick of obama grandstanding about bin laden – President Bush said he don’t matter no more #
  • brokaw is so anti-alan keyes that i could just about throw up!! #
  • @Jane2McMahon dang straight! alan keyes would invade russia and we have all the oil we need! #
  • @ExitPass who wants to shake hands with a terrorist? you think vice president cheney would ever do that? #
  • @ExitPass i ain’t click no links that are gonna take me to porn sites #
  • @acavin how many thought alan keyes won? #
  • y’all need to drop the “my fellow prisoner” crap – it just shows that he thinks about the troops more than barack HUSSEIN obama, the commie #
  • @Bruce4Obama son, i think i’m gonna listen to God instead of listen to some socialist America-hater, if you don’t mind #

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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-10-07

  • @baratunde i woulda thought y’all would wanna have a great big terrorist pride parade! #
  • y’all better stock up on the hummus and pita bread if that left-handed muslim gets into the white house-gonna make everyone got to mecca too #
  • i wish i knew i who the REAL barack HUSSIEN obama was #
  • @hbeeinc what kind of a homo are you?? #
  • barack HUSSEIN obama will sell your children to africa! #
  • my question to obama – “are you prepared to stand before the American people and promise that you have never in your life practiced voodoo?” #
  • my question to obama – if you hate America so much then why don’t you go back to Russia? #

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postheadericon Mrs. Palin Won

I swear, it’s almost like that drunken irishman wasn’t even on stage with the prettiest little candidate we had since Kathleen Harris!  Everytime Biden opened his mouth you could hear the whole audience start snoring and they didn’t wake up until Mrs. Palin perked ’em up!

God is Love!

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