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Move America Forward continues to refuse to accept that a Kenyan born, gay murderous voodoo priest cannot, should not and will never be President of the United States especially if he pals around with terrorists.  They also know that terrorism starts in schools.  Now that Obama duped America into thinking he’s president, his surrogate daddy and terrorism guru, William Ayers, is ready to use so-called institutions of higher learning to recruit the next generation of America-haters.  As a FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl spied on Ayers and got to get real close to him.  He knows what a terrorist scumbag he is.  That’s why all he’s only asking for plane fare, room, board and a small stipend to follow Ayers around the country and make sure that Ayers don’t get a chance to infect the feeble-minded youth of this country who prefer thinking over patriotism.  God bless you, Larry Grathwohl, and your sacrifice to America.


postheadericon Stop Monkey-itis! Help Me Get To Austin!

With lie-beral defeato-crats getting ready to “celebrate” (ie – have butt-sex because of) Charles Dumb-win’s birthday, no place in our grand and glorious country is safe.  Least of all, Austin, TX where they’re planning to hold some kinda all-night orgy featuring – you guessed it – Richard Zimmerman.  This Zimmerman guy is prolly more dangerous than watching all the episodes of Will And Grace back to back cuz he got that hypnotism thing on his lower lip and you can’t take yer eye off it and wind up think his songs are funny rather than a direct message from Satan.

So I need to get down there and, if not stop that show, then at least get in there and tell the crowd what GOD wants ’em to know – THAT WE DON’T COME FROM MONKEYS!  Not now.  Now then.  Not never!

So click on the PayPal thing over there on the right (haha!) and let the world know if your Anti-monkey  or Super Anti-monkey!  Do it now!  I gotta be in Austin by 2/15 or that part of Texas might as well be given back to the Mexicans!

God is Love!

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2009-01-23

  • the video with the truth SO SHOCKING that youtube just took it down – prolly cuz it made homobama sad – #

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postheadericon Homobama Ain’t President

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2009-01-20

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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2009-01-19

  • the hour of bein’ good is gonna be done on BTR today at 11am – call in about why obama is already the worst president ever #

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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2009-01-16

  • i heard that some homo groups vow to have naked butt sex in front of tv cameras at inauguration – that ain’t change it’s more of the same #
  • rainbows used to be pretty – now they just mean someone’s pet is being violated #

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postheadericon Joe The Plumber’s Gonna Clean The Towelhead’s Pipes!

For all you socialist homos (and I know that’s the same thing) that thought Joe The Plumber was some kinda Nazi just ‘cuz he’s got a Kraut name and he’s bald I guess y’all got egg on yer face because why would he be going to Israel if he was a Nazi?

And would his publicist being saying that “Israeli officials are very excited to have him,” those Jews thought he was coming to wipe ’em out?  I don’t think so.

So it stands to reason that he’s going over there as a “journalist” in the grand tradition of the CIA to kick…towelhead…butt.  I never said that they didn’t have no brain under their tablecothes so they know that once Joe The Plumber gets there they dang well better stop shelling our buddy Israel.

If y’all don’t believe how treacherous them so-called “palestinians” is then watch this commercial with the phone right next to ya ‘cuz yer gonna wanna call and help out in any way you can.

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2009-01-06

  • so i guess with this burris fella it’s the dumbo-crats that are racist #
  • NBC is afraid of a girl?? that don’t surprise me at all!! #

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postheadericon Repeal The 22nd Amendment NOW!

We got just about 2 weeks to “git ‘er done” and repeal the 22nd amendment to let President Bush win the glorious War On Terror!  Y’all need to download the petition and get everybody to sign it.   And to answer yer question – God’s will is gonna get done but that don’t mean that we should let these lie-berals punch us in the face.  You don’t stand in front of a truck and hope that God’s gonna stop it before it hits ya.

God is Love!

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