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postheadericon Barak Osama Homo Bin Laden’s 100 Days Of Sodom

If y’all ain’t outraged then you ain’t paying attention!  Here’s what the fake president done in the first 100 days:

  • Killed the auto industry
  • Wrecked the economy
  • Allowed children to get abortions
  • Let gays have sex on the battle field
  • Let mexicans take our lives with swine flu as well as our jobs
  • Turned America socialist
  • Made God damn America

And that’s just the FIRST 100 days.  I’m expecting the Rapture before July.

I also got a call from some well-meaning but confused “Christian” who thought I was a little off-base with what Jesus, himself, told me to say.  I think I’m gonna need to chalk up another soul that done got saved!

God is Love!

postheadericon Torture Ain’t Torture

The choice is really up to you – the nuclear destruction of America or a couple of wet towelheads.  Oh, boo hoo.

God is Love!

postheadericon I Don’t See What’s So Funny

These folks at Boston News Net done ask me to come and talk about the glorious teabagging we did last week but they seemed to wanna just laugh like crack addicts instead.

postheadericon Torture Ain’t Torture And If It Was We Shouldn’t Talk About it

Gen. Michael Hayden on Fox, today, made a real good point that even *saying* the word t-rt-re makes more vulnerable to attacks by towelheads. God bless ‘im for telling the truth!

postheadericon Big Gay Yellow Birds

Sesame Street is just another tool of the homo commies.  Just ask God.

God is Love

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2009-04-15

  • i am so sick of these homos making fun of our teabagging parties! #teaparty #tcot #
  • “honk if i’m paying your mortgage”! hahaha! homo dead beats need to go back to russia! #teaparty #tcot #
  • madison, WI kept the state gov’t in session just so the dumbocrats couldn’t get out and hear the people!! #
  • VCY america is saying that most TV stations are only gonna show 90secs of the #teaparty – cuz media is own by jews and lie-berals #
  • homeland security was set up to stop towelheads not to spy on decent amercians! is this your change? #tcot #nobama #

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postheadericon I’m A Proud Teabagger!

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2009-04-13

  • did homobama kill the pirates himself or did he sit behind his desk with a crackpipe doing nothing? #tcot #

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postheadericon First Iowa – Now Vermont – Then The Rapture

postheadericon Iowa Will Fall Into The Ocean

Iowa is the new victim of the murderous, gay, Nazi cannibals and God ain’t gonna stand for it.  Plus – Barak HUSSEIN Obama is gonna start appointing the Nation of Islam to high level cabinet posts.  Y’all better get on yer knees this very minute!

God is Love!

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