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postheadericon O-Bomber Wants To Have Sex With The Dead Corpses Of Nazi Animals!!

It takes a man to tell the truth.  But it takes a REAL man with the power of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to tell the REAL truth and the REAL truth is that Barak HUSSEIN O-Bomber wants the Thought Crime Bill bill passed (and I’m linking to the Jew York Crimes so y’all know how evil it is) so he can legally have butt-sex with the dead corpses of Nazi animals!!

If you can find me ONE PASSAGE in the Bible where God says having butt-sex with the dead corpses of Nazi animals is ok then I will take this post down RIGHT NOW.  But you can’t cuz it ain’t there.

Rep. Louie Gohmert of the great state of Texas lays it out so simple that even the most vile, venal, sinful, crack-addicted lie-beral is gonna fall down on their knees, open their mouth and beg for Jesus to enter into them!!

If you’re oriented toward animals, bestiality, then, you know, that’s not something that can be used, held against you or any bias be held against you for that. Which means you’d have to strike any laws against bestiality, if you’re oriented toward corpses, toward children, you know, there are all kinds of perversions, […] pedophiles or necrophiliacs or what most would say is perverse sexual orientations but the trouble is, we made amendments to eliminate pedophiles from being included in the definition.

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postheadericon 98% Of The World Hates Obama

It’s true!  If everyone loves the Chosen One and Dear Leader so much, then why couldn’t he get the Olympics in Chicago?  It’s up to every single Conservative Christian to make sure that he’s got a big giant L for Loser literally tattooed on his forehead!

God is Love!

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2009-10-05

  • billy bob neck’s hour of bein’ good starting soon on – give a call to 617.627.3800 and be good for a change! #
  • “In the beginning, Yaweh, without any public funds of any kind, created the Heavens and the Earth” – a GOOD Bible! #

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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2009-10-02

  • Barak HUSSEIN Obama has made us such a joke that we can’t even get the olympics here! #tcot #912 #
  • #enda would force daycare centers to hire pedophiles!! #
  • RT @ROCKWITHBECK: WE ARE ONE YEAR AND ONE MONTH AWAY FROM THE 2010 ELECTIONS. It’s time to organize and vote the ‘SOCIALIST PARTY’ out of of #

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postheadericon UNICEF: A Deadly Trick For Halloween


First off – Halloween is Satan’s holiday and ain’t nobody in their right minds would let their child walk around from house to house in the dark when Atheists don’t gotta register like the pedophiles do.  I don’t wanna get too far off track here, but Satanists is just pedophiles that ain’t been caught yet so it don’t make no sense not to force ’em to register where they’re living.  If we lived in a Godly country, Atheists would have to wear some kinda badge on their clothing marking ’em as such.

That said, it’s kinda hard for some of the weaker Christians to swim against the tide of worldliness.  They’d rather risk God’ wrath than the wrath of their sinful neighbors who stay up all night holding swingers’ parties and seances.  “We don’t want our kids be thought of as strange,” one weak-willed woman told me forgetting that Jesus said

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

There ain’t nothing more better than to die for Jesus and the name of our almighty God and every single one of our brave, dead soldiers over there in Towelheadistan would tell ya the exact same thing.

Dying in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
ain’t nothing more than returning the favor and we all
oughta be glad to do it.

Those same so-called “Christians” also forget that two of the 10 Commandments is Thou Shalt Not Kill and Love They Neighbor.   Maybe if they remembered that, Satan wouldn’t have no much of a foothold on Halloween, but that ain’t the case.  Instead, the blind, misguided morons send their children out to do the Devil’s work.  What do I mean by that?


I know that God made you but Mommy wants
to go to a Jonas Brothers concert and smoke heroin
so you’re going to have to die.”

Their new slogan is “Unite For Children” shows just how misleading the coming one-world government is gonna be.  If they was gonna be honest, it oughta be “United To KILL Children”.  Lemme just walk you through how the whole thing works

gayteacher_sm1) Some overpaid homosexual teacher in a government school hands out Trick or Treat for UNICEF boxes in little Lance’s classroom.

marx2) This homo gives the kids a big guilt trip about how there are so many starving kids in the world and how Marx taught that everybody oughta share everything so everybody’s got enough no matter how lazy and shiftless they are. A lot of times they talk about how evil America is but they do that anyway.

unicefboxgif3) The kids take the boxes home and tell their parents about it and the parents agree that America is evil and no one should have to work hard to have a nice place to live or eat. As a special treat for being such a caring kids, the parents take the kid out and by him a Harvey Milk costume to go trick or treating in.

halloween-candy4) All of the lie-berals in the neighborhood give out both candy AND money just to make sure the kids understand that you don’t gotta sacrifice anything like Jesus did when he was killed by the Jews to cleanse us of sin.

gay-legos5) The kids take the money back into school…if they parents didn’t steal it all and spend it on crack and pornography

gay-legos 6) The school gives it to UNICEF…if they teachers didn’t steal it all and spend it on crack and pornography

From there, UNICEF does three things with it.

abortion1) They give it to Planned Parenthood to assassinate pre-borns

child_suicide_bomber112) Fund Palestinian summer camps where cute little towelheaded children are taught hate Jews and become suicide bombers.

imf-logo3) Tithe 35% to the IMF.

I may be old-fashioned but I don’t see how that’s helping kids.  And if y’all don’t believe me check out Trick or Treat For Abortion.

Lemme be real clear about this – Every penny you give to UNICEF is a dead pre-born chalked up to your account in the Book of Judgment!!!

See a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll hear
the screams of the pre-borns you’ve killed echoing
in your ears because you gave it to UNICEF

If you ain’t concerned about spending the rest of your eternity camped out in a smoldering, festering, sulfurous pit of fire with the flesh burning off your body, then, by all means, give as much money as you want to UNICEF.

BUT – if you wanna get into Heaven and sit at right hand of God and drink the most delicious glass you ever had then you owe to yourself and the generations of pre-borns you can save to say NO to UNICEF.  One of the ways they work their scam of deatth is by using adorable America children cuz they count on the fact that nobody can say no to a little girl dressed up like a mammy or a boy dress up like a one of our God-Fearing Blackwater employees.

This was one of the most popular costumes
in the 1930’s – a time when no woman in America
would dare to have an abortion for fear of Hellfire.
How times have changed!

And a lot of people ain’t gonna be able to.  Those folks is gonna end up in Hell.

There’s a couple of ways to deal with it

0102_thank_you_lord_christian_clipart1) Not be home – Y’all oughta be in church anyway.

0102_thank_you_lord_christian_clipart2) Pretend you ain’t home – But if yer gonna do that, y’all might as well go to church anyway

devil3) Spit in Satan’s Eye – Take back this most wicked of holidays and, with the help of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, take the opportunity to unknot the young minds twisted by godless government schools and the impending One World Government.

Here’s how to do it –

When little Lance comes mincing up the steps with his plastic bullhorn and Trick or Treat for UNICEF box, take him aside and say something like

Son, being a homo is a one way ticket to Hell and your parents are wicked for allowing you to wear such a costume.  And if you keep collecting money for UNICEF, your every waking and sleeping moment is gonna be haunted by the ghosts of the babies you personally killed with that blood money.  Now you dump that money down the sewer and get your butt home this instant and pray for forgiveness!

Mind you, that’s only a suggestion.  It don’t matter much what you say as long as that child knows that God will kill him and send him to Hell if he keeps being a partner to genocide.

Do you
want this to be you? If you do then
go right ahead and money to UNICEF

Y’all might wanna consider getting a stack of Chick Tracts, too!  They got a whole buncha tracts just for this most evil of nights.  Chick Tracts are prolly the best way to get the point across not only to kids but their parents, too.


Don’t add to the death and destruction of Halloween!  Take it back and make it GOOD!

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postheadericon Obamascare: Field Trips For Abortions!!!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore by foul, venal wickedness of Satanic lie-beral dumbo-crats.  After all, trying to pass bills that mandate teaching kindergartners how to have butt-sex (SAFE butt-sex, they claim, like there is such a thing) just don’t get anymore evil.  But Satan got a good imagination, I guess, so he keeps finding more and more horrifying ways to lay claim to our young folk. And dumbo-crats, sworn to do his bidding, fall right in line.

One part of Obamascare that they don’t want y’all to know about it the sex clinics they wanna set up in government schools.  They don’t wanna talk about it at all for a couple of different reasons

  • They wanna convince your kids that they’re really homos
  • They wanna convince your kids that drinking fluoridated water and “smoothies” is more “healthy” than drinking something good like Coca Cola
  • They wanna teach your kids about which food is aphrodisiacs (those are foods the force you to have sex after you eat them)

But most of all, they wanna make it real easy to for your 13 year old daughter to kill her precious pre-born!

Y’all don’t believe me? Just take a listen to one of the few smart women in America, Michelle Bachman, expose the liberal plan to have daily abortion field trips to Planned Parenthood…WITHOUT YOU KNOWING ABOUT IT!


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