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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2011-01-29

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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2011-01-26

  • Billy Bob Neck's Hour Of Bein' Good on Billy Bob Neck will air 01/25. #BlogTalkRadio #
  • the state of the union is the ONLY constitutional thing o'bomber ever does #
  • the only thing that's gonna make #sotu worth watching is if obummer shows his LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE #
  • my goodness – o'bummer is gonna use the parents of the dead girl and the homo as PROPS for the #sotu SHAMEFUL! #
  • @elonjames she ain't crazy – she is proud of America and don't wanna see it turned a cesspool of nazi communism! in reply to elonjames #
  • @Bentelligence i guess patriotism IS disgusting to lie-beral defeatocrats commies in reply to Bentelligence #
  • @lalaontherun @elonjames the only rebuking that gonna go on is by mrs. bachman who'd be a good president if she weren't a girl #
  • RT @AmeriJeepRang2: Crony capitalism is ALL that this Socialist will talk about tonight #tcot #TEAPARTY #Conservatives God Help America! #
  • Ima be listening to the State of the Socialist Union tonight so come by around 10pmEST #
  • Barak Osama Homo bin Laden is gonna dissolve the country tonight and change the national anthem to the one they use in Kenya. #SOTU #
  • michelle bachman ain't gotta use no teleprompter Jesus speaks through her #SOTU #
  • i'm' thinking maybe o'bomber got the message in nov. that America ain't a socialist country and he gonna resign #SOTU #
  • we don't need centrists in the America – we need God-ists #SOTU #
  • i don't understand why o'bomber don't have nancy reagan up there cuz her husband got shot, too. ain't nobody cares about that #SOTU #
  • why don't mrs. obummer have any of the murder pre-borns sitting next her? cuz they love death #SOTU #
  • just remember that o'bomber IS TRYING TO HYPNOTIZE YOU #SOTU #
  • don't he look so smug like he's some kinda hotshot #SOTU #
  • we gotta stop arguing and unite around the fact that muslims wanna kill us and obama is a socialist #SOTU #
  • "i believe we CAN…." see – right there – he was trying to hypnotize us #SOTU #
  • the only job obummer ever had was as a spy for the USSR #SOTU #
  • we can't outbuild the rest of the world if there ain't jobs! elonjames #
  • why's he talking about the moon? is that where the Christian death camps is gonna get built? #SOTU #
  • my goodness – he wants to kill the oil industry! #SOTU #
  • we need to teach our kids to read outta the BIBLE and not the commie manifesto – education SOLVED! #SOTU #
  • don't ask don't teach! #SOTU #
  • RT @Architekt010: Look at all the things o is not saying pretty revealing – he ain't said one thing about his birth certificate #SOTU #
  • RT @Architekt010: Notice obama is speaking in his white voice tonight – AMEN but he prolly thinking in rap #
  • i think he's got a KENYAN flag pin on! #SOTU #
  • when's he gonna start talking about the role of JESUS in America? #SOTU #
  • if i wanna go back to the days when there were pre-existing conditions then i can duz I'M AN AMERICAN #SOTU #
  • there it is, patriots! he's defunding the military so the UN forces can swoop in and kill us all #SOTU #

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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2011-01-22

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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2011-01-15

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postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2011-01-08

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