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postheadericon Richard “Roy” Zimmerman Interviews Me For A Change

Lie-beral defeato-crat and known God hater, Richard Zimmerman was in town this week for some kind of Satan inspired “peace march” so he stopped by the Neck home to get his theological butt kicked. God is Love! BBN

postheadericon Richard (“Roy”) Zimmerman Interviews Me For A Change

Mr. Richard (“Roy”) Zimmerman is in Sodomy Central from some “anti-war” rally for lie-berals to hate the troops at and he done asked if he could talk to me.  I thought he was gonna ask for my help in making Jesus Christ his personal savior, but I guess I was wrong.  He gonna be posting […]

postheadericon Special – Interview With Richard “Roy” Zimmerman

Richard “Roy” Zimmerman came sauntering into Sodomy Central today as part of his “Destroy America Tour” and says he wants to play some songs on the Hour of Bein’ Good.  I tried to tell him that it was on Mondays but he started screaming and stomping around.  I guess God wanted him to make a […]

postheadericon Interview With Zimmerman

Richard Roy Zimmerman claims his name has always been “Roy” but I ain’t sure that’s true.  What is true is that he writes and performs songs that decent, loyal, God-fearing American patriots shouldn’t oughta listen to.  Ever.  In this interview I tried real hard to give him some advice on how to write good songs, but […]

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2012-10-08

I uploaded a @YouTube video Happy Birthday Richard Zimmerman # Powered by Twitter Tools

postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2009-10-16

i’m gonna be talking to mr richard zimmerman on in just a few minutes # i got two last minute shows on saturday – wooster, ma @ 8pm and manchester, nh @ 10pm # Powered by Twitter Tools

postheadericon Neal Horsely Sings!

Neal Horsely is one of the greatest Americans living today.  He don’t think about nothing else except saving pre-borns for the glory of God. There’s a lot of lie-berals who want you to believe they’re singing  “protest songs” when really they’re just praising Satan or advancing the homosexual agenda.  Neal Horsely sings REAL protest songs […]

postheadericon God Versus Everyone In The World

Richard Zimmerman wrote some snotty song about some court case that nobody care about and tried to make it about homo marriage.  I though I’d gotten through to the boy.  I guess not.

postheadericon Stop Monkey-itis! Help Me Get To Austin!

With lie-beral defeato-crats getting ready to “celebrate” (ie – have butt-sex because of) Charles Dumb-win’s birthday, no place in our grand and glorious country is safe.  Least of all, Austin, TX where they’re planning to hold some kinda all-night orgy featuring – you guessed it – Richard Zimmerman.  This Zimmerman guy is prolly more dangerous […]

postheadericon Shame On Y’all

All of you folks from that Richard Zimmerman guy  – to call me a half man/half beast just ain’t right.  Don’t y’all ever think about how that might affect my kids?

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