postheadericon Barak Osama Homo Bin Laden’s 100 Days Of Sodom

If y’all ain’t outraged then you ain’t paying attention!  Here’s what the fake president done in the first 100 days:

  • Killed the auto industry
  • Wrecked the economy
  • Allowed children to get abortions
  • Let gays have sex on the battle field
  • Let mexicans take our lives with swine flu as well as our jobs
  • Turned America socialist
  • Made God damn America

And that’s just the FIRST 100 days.  I’m expecting the Rapture before July.

I also got a call from some well-meaning but confused “Christian” who thought I was a little off-base with what Jesus, himself, told me to say.  I think I’m gonna need to chalk up another soul that done got saved!

God is Love!

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