postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-02-22

  • we need to invade cuba like we did iraq – depose the dictator and set up democracy #
  • the CORRECT ANSWER – we don’t meet with commies #
  • hillary will make every american family host a mexican family *in their home* #
  • "it’s disciminatory against the taco jockeys that broke the law to get here and took my job *boo hoo* #
  • we need to mine the rio grande river #
  • clean coal is the future #
  • it’s ok for me to steal other folks words and thoughts…what’s the big deal? #
  • we’re winning the war on terror and will continue to win the war on terror until we win the war on terror #
  • support the troops and stop talking about how we ain’t treating them good!! #
  • @bigshow nuclear weapons #
  • @bigshow and make them live in fear? heck no! #
  • president bush’s new budget is balanced by 2012! dang lie-berals #
  • @bigshow we’re kicking terror’s ass right now and when we’re done we’ll take on fear #
  • @bigshow – go and vote and tell your friends to vote, too #
  • hillary and barack both lost – alan keyes won #
  • i gotta prep prayer group tonight so y’all say your prayers before bed – night #

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