postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-12-11

  • oh, sure…barack HUSSEIN obama is clean as a whistle and didn’t do anything wrong in chicago – and i came from a monkey! hahaha! #
  • that blagowhatever guy just gives me another reason not to trust eastern yurpeens #
  • @baratunde i thought you was talking about COMEDY not lie-berals in reply to baratunde #
  • @baratunde minnie pearl is funny and none of those folks is minnie pearl in reply to baratunde #
  • @baratunde she was a Christian so she’s only dead in the flesh – don’t make her less funny…OR patriotic! in reply to baratunde #
  • “Retarded Republican Babies for Sarah Palin” – it just makes you sick! – retards get to vote just like other Americans – #

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