postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2008-12-17

  • it’s gonna come out that obama was gonna make a lot of money off his senate seat – prolly 50-50 #
  • i hope that someone is looking into how obama pulled the trigger on the arson at sarah palin’s church #
  • @Jim207 how can they allow that kind of pornography on the streets of maine – i thought they had more sense than that in reply to Jim207 #
  • @Navarr he’s from chicago…that’s the way those people are…an honest chicago politician is like a gay republican – it don’t exist in reply to Navarr #
  • @redwhiteandnews everybody knows that auto workers is like the homeless that pull down 6figures from the money they beg from liberals in reply to redwhiteandnews #
  • @RightGirl that’s almost the very definition of a muslim right there – i bet lie-berals and the ACLU will just to his defense -makes ya sick in reply to RightGirl #
  • @Navarr yeah – right after i go homo and convert to muslim and start beating up grandmas that ain’t done nothing to me – aka – NEVER in reply to Navarr #

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