postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2009-06-24

  • God bless you, Gov. Sanford! It’s about time Americans started trying to take jobs from Mexicans for a change! #
  • Mr. Murdoch needs to buy ABC News, NBC, News, MSNBC, CBS News and CNN so America can finally get some fair news #
  • if mccain had got elected, iran wouldn’t be no issue. if dr. keyes had got elected, it would be Christian nation by now #
  • if y’all want me to follow you then send me at @. God bless you! #
  • and y’all need to follow @cfud – Citizens United for Democracy is the advance guard of the counterrevolution #
  • neal horsely is the only man who’ll stand up for pre-borns…and he’s a gosh-darn fine singer, too! #

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