postheadericon BBN Tweets For God 2009-07-29

  • Why doesn’t o-bomb-a just call it what it is – the “kill all old people bill”? #
  • sign the fetal consent for abortion petition! #
  • @MissManchester o-bomb-a don’t care about species he just wants to kill in reply to MissManchester #
  • As a white Christian male, I’m sick and tired of getting treated like a second class citizen! #
  • I heard that 3 out of 5 canadians that get sick don’t never recover because of socialized medicine #
  • @Somuchpain If a Negro like alveda king is against womb lynching, shouldn’t we be too? #abortion #tcot #912 in reply to Somuchpain #
  • @JulesBeaujolais if did, the obamacare goons would prolly kill me because I weren’t up to their standards in reply to JulesBeaujolais #
  • RT @JC_Christian: RT: @STROnline i got the brain that Jesus gave me and if his word ain’t good enough for ya then have fun in Hell #

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