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As you know, God sent me to minister to the lie-beral sodomites in Massachusetts and judging by the car horns that woke me up this morning, one thing seems pretty clear – Lie-berals only hate LEGAL Mexicans.  Why else would they be celebrating the resignation of Roberto Gonzales?  Here is a Mexican that did something good for America – he kept us safe from terrorists and got rid of US attorneys that weren’t doing their job good.  But because he didn’t act like an Uncle Tomas; because he didn’t sneak across the border to steal TVs, get drunk and sell drugs to school kids; because he didn’t shoot people execution style outside of schools, the lie-berals decided that he had to go.  America is less safe today and you can thank the dumbo-crats for that.

Briefly Patriotic – Gonzales Hounded Out Of Office

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