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Move America Forward continues to refuse to accept that a Kenyan born, gay murderous voodoo priest cannot, should not and will never be President of the United States especially if he pals around with terrorists.  They also know that terrorism starts in schools.  Now that Obama duped America into thinking he’s president, his surrogate daddy and terrorism guru, William Ayers, is ready to use so-called institutions of higher learning to recruit the next generation of America-haters.  As a FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl spied on Ayers and got to get real close to him.  He knows what a terrorist scumbag he is.  That’s why all he’s only asking for plane fare, room, board and a small stipend to follow Ayers around the country and make sure that Ayers don’t get a chance to infect the feeble-minded youth of this country who prefer thinking over patriotism.  God bless you, Larry Grathwohl, and your sacrifice to America.


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