postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – The Day America Died

Today is the day America died.  Thanks to a  Supreme Court ruling that towelheads have “rights”, we can expect not to be killing towelheads but giving ‘em all the more reason invade America and kill our wives, daughters and pets.  After all, just because they’re “enemy combatants” don’t mean they can’t hire some high priced lawyer like John Edwards to get ‘em out of jail to kill again.  I expect that by tomorrow afternoon thousands of al kita killers hiding out with taco jockey heroin dealers in Mexico will come flooding across the border laying waste to small towns and big cities alike killing every single Christian they can find.  You think Barack Osama Homo bin Laden ain’t itching to pack the Supreme Court with towelheads?  Think again.

Briefly Patriotic – The Day America Died

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