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I don’t like to have to tell you I told you so, but I told you so.  Y’all laughed and mocked us when we tried to tell you that Barak HUSSEIN Obama would start taking away your 2nd Amendment right to free speech and yet look at what happened in New Hampshire.  The left-wing, commie, islamo-homo-fascists are shaking in their boots because (oh, my goodness) someone brought a loaded gun to one of Homobama’s Nuremburg rallies.  Why’d he bring a gun? Cuz he’s an American and he can.  The once proud and free Department of Homeland Security got took over by the forces of evil and soon will start arresting anyone with an assault rifle or a bible.  Like my daddy always said: “Our rights are like guns – use ‘em or lose ‘em!”

Defend Your 2nd Amendment Right To Free Speech

God is Love!

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