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postheadericon Rahm Is The Real Retard

Everybody knows that there’s a big difference between calling someone a retard and calling someone a retard.  In one case, it’s a clinical term to describe Trig Palin like when I say that “Mrs. Palin gotta stay home and take care of that little retard child of hers.” That’s just a fact. But in the case of Rahm Emmanuel, he’s using the word “retard” to be hurtful and make fun of the apple of Mrs. Palin’s eye. Like every lie-beral defeato-crat in America, he’ll take any cheap shot he can to try to destroy Mrs.  Palin whether it’s making fun of her for not reading newspapers or the fact her poor little retard child of hers is  gonna have to wear a football helmet for the rest of his life. When Mrs. Palin bravely stepped down from the Governorship of Alaska she said something that always stuck with me and that I had my wife write down to keep on the dash of my Humvee. She said  “the world needs more ‘Trigs’, not fewer.”  I try to live up to that every single day of my life. And Rahm Emmanuel would do well to keep that in mind the next time he opens his mouth. He needs to start thinking about what he says rather than acting like retard.

Rahm Is The Real Retard

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postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Maria Sotomayor


On a recent Crosstalk America, Brannon Howse, one of the thinking-est Christain that ever got washed in the blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, stumbled across a new understanding of the inerrant word of God. He figured out that while God said He’d never destroy America himself, there might come a time when He might not protect Her with his big, Godly hands.  And that’s where we are today.  With nomination of Maria Sotomayor to the Supreme Court of the United States, America has pushed God to the breaking point.  The day we allow a racist, baby killing, Mexican mafia boss who hates dyslexics onto the highest court in the land is the day that a foreign born national becomes President of the United States.  Oh wait.  That already happened.

Briefly Patriotic – Maria Sotomayor

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postheadericon Sarah Palin’s Gotta Resign

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postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Protect America From Sin


Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council got it right.  When asked why some states have laws that prosecute adults for having sex with adults or using pornography or sex toys he said, “”The government is protecting the people who patronize those shops because I don’t think it’s in their interest to use pornography and sex toys.”  Too many times, people don’t understand that what they’re doing ain’t right.  The only way to get ‘em to realize that is through arrest and public humiliation.  Take the guy that thought it was ok to urinate in public:  His name got put in the paper for public exposure, he got fired and he’s on the verge of divorce.  I guess he’s gonna think twice about doing that again, don’t you?

Briefly Patriotic – Protect America From Sin

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postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Janet Folger On The Nose


Janet Folger is as straight shooting as any straight shooter can be.  For years, her book, The Criminalization of Christianity – Read This Book Before It Becomes Illegal, has been the standard for books about how lie-beral dumbo-crats plan to turn us into a nation of pink jack-booted God-hating homos.  In her latest column in World Net Daily, she lays it out plain – “If we don’t win the marriage battle, now on the ballot in California, Florida and Arizona, people who disagree with homosexual behavior will … go to jail.”  And how true that is!  If the homo agenda has their way, they’ll place monitors on every street corner in America just waiting and listening for someone to say the Lord’s name in a praiseworthy way so they can arrest them and send them to gay re-education camp.  So if you wanna wake up one morning and be forced to divorce your spouse and marry someone of the same sex, then y’all keep on sleeping.  Me?  I gotta a date with Jesus.

Briefly Patriotic – Janet Folger On The Nose

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postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Smut Free Cell Service


How many times have you picked up your cell phone to call the police to report the murder of a pre-born and wound up on some sex line because secular cell phone companies care more about promoting filth than giving you good, smut-free service?  How many times have you got a text message asking if you’d like to perform some lewd and indecent act?  If you’re as tired of it as I am, then there’s real good news – introducing The American Center for Law and Justice cell phone service company!  That’s right, Jay Sekulow’s ACLJ is now offering Christian cell phone service at competitive rates AND when you subscribe, you’re helping to stop homos, Satanists, lie-berals, pedophiles and other members of the Democrat party from gaining a further foothold in the United States of America because part of the price goes to fund the American Center for Law And Justice.  So if you’re tired of getting your cell phone calls routed by Satan, then get on over to and you’ll never have to talk to a homo again!

Briefly Patriotic – Smut Free Cell Service

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postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – The Fruits of Homo Appeasement



Knock Knock
Who there?
Satan who?
Satan, your evil lord and master, come to destroy American values by allowing virus of homo marriage to spread to California

My pastor told that one to me yesterday and I said, “well, that ain’t too funny,” and he said “no, it ain’t”.  This is the kinda thing you get from appeasement.  Instead of sending the National Guard into Massachusetts to enforce the rule of God’s Law, we sat by saying that it was just one state.  Well, now it’s two states and it’s probably only a matter of weeks before the pink, jackbooted thugs of the homo agenda come breaking down your door to force you to get a divorce and marry a man just like the dumbo-crats planned all along.

Briefly Patriotic – The Fruits of Homo Appeasement

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postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Homobama Loves Nazis


President Bush is right.  Barack Osama Homo bin Laden loves Nazis and any group that wants to destroy America.  In his Happy Birthday speech in front of the Jews, President Bush showed just what a moron Homo bin Laden is.  The left-handed negro would rather sell America out for thirty pieces of pita bread than displease his Muslim masters.  The United States ain’t gonna negotiate with terrorists and thugs.  We never done it before and we ain’t gonna start now.  President Bush has always stood on the side of doing good things and protecting them that needs it.  That’s the whole reason that we’re in Iraq to begin with – to stop the hurting.   And if the Iranians is hurting under the iron, Jew-hating first of Akmadinejerk then we’re gonna help them out, too.

Briefly Patriotic – Homobama Loves Nazis

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postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Homos: See Something Say Something

Here we go again – another principal stands up to protect her students from the wages of sin and the next thing you know the American Communist Liberties Union is screaming their dang fool heads off about how you tried to protect America instead of destroy it.  Just ask Daphne Beasley, the principal of Hollis F. Price Middle College High School in South Memphis.  All she wanted to do was put an end to the non-stop sexual orgy that was perverting her school.  So she had a list put together of all the non-married “couples” and posted it to make ‘em stop heading down the road of sin.  Well, two homos showed up on that list and because they’re homos and need to hide their sinfulness, they start stamping and crying about their “rights” getting violated.  What about the rights of straight people who don’t want to witness “gay affection”?  If America is gonna get right with God then we gotta treat homos like we treat terror – see something, say something?

Briefly Patriotic – Homos: See Something Say Something

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postheadericon HOBG – Lie-berals Destroying America…AGAIN!

How many times can lie-berals destroy America before we gonna wake up and outlaw ’em?  How can you vote against something called the Protect America Act?  That oughta be the tip off right there!

God is Love!

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