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Heavenly Father,

In Your magnificent wisdom
You saw fit to rid the world of the evil, murderous drunken senior senator from Sodomy Central, Edward M. Kennedy and sent him to Hell where he belongs

In doing so, You struck a blow against a socialist healthcare system that would lead to a socialist food distribution center that would lead to a socialist cap and tax system  that would lead to the destruction of America through socialism

We pray that in his final minutes, Kennedy understood, as Gov. Huckabee did, that the socialist healthcare system he fought for would have killed him as surely as it would have killed Stephen Hawking

We pray that in his final minutes, Kennedy understood that Jesus’ message was not that all layabouts and ne’er-do-wells should get a free ride at somebody’s else expense

Finally, Lord, we pray that as he lay on his death bed, a bottle of whiskey at his side, begging and pleading for Your mercy the last thing he heard was Your strong clear voice telling him that Satan was waiting for him


God is Love!

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postheadericon RIP – Edward M. Kennedy


So old Teddy Kennedy finally kicked the bucket, but this ain’t the time for criticism.  It’s the time for us to come together and celebrate the life of a man who loomed large over America.  A man who continued on the legacy of his brothers and carried out the work of a political dynasty.  He was a formidable opponent, one who worked tirelessly for his causes and to try to rip him down at the time of his death is like kicking a dead dog and claiming victory – it ain’t honorable.  Instead, I hope that every single person in the United States of America will take the day to put aside partisan politics and ideologies and reflect on the courage and drive of a man who truly deserved the title, “The Lion of the Senate”.

I’m just kidding, he was a drunken, satanic Catholic who killed a girl and is rotting in Hell even as we speak.

RIP – Edward M. Kennedy

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