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postheadericon oBOMBa Infects The Funny Pages With Commie Propaganda


I been watching Glenn Beck and even though he makes a lotta sense, until he becomes a Christian and stops being a Mor(m)on everybody gotta be a little careful about trusting what he’s saying. But one thing he’s saying is right: We gotta open our eyes to the world around us and really look hard at it cuz COMMIES are everywhere and at the rate they’re going they’re gonna take over the number one spot from the islamofascists for threatening the American Way Of Life!

Sometimes you gotta be smart like Glenn Beck and know a lot about stuff like “history” and “art” and “communism” to make sense of what yer looking at.  And sometimes you don’t.  Now that I know that commies are trying to use mind control everywhere you look it’s pretty obvious that commie propaganda is everywhere.  Like this morning, which in the American calendar is Sunday (I don’t know what that makes it in the commie calendar and I don’t WANT to know), I come into the living room to see my kids reading the most American cartoon ever made, The Family Circus, when I realized that it’d been TAKEN OVER BY HOMOBAMA’S COMMIE MASTERS. You can bet the I burned it right there in the middle of the floor.

If it ain’t obvious the message that the COMMIES is trying to get across, then yer prolly already too far gone.


The whole “camping” thing is what ya call a “metaphor”.  That means that it’s using one thing to stand in for something else. So when Papa Bill says they done “camping” what he’s trying to say is that with the coming of the glorious DEAR LEADER who’s gonna make everything perfect, they’re “out of the woods”.  You can tell that Papa Bill is a commie cuz he got the scraggly commie beard (like most oBOMBa supporters) instead a of a full, manly AMERICAN beard.  Once y’all know that yer looking at a metaphor, then y’all know that this crappy little split level ranch in some drug-infested suburb sure as HECK ain’t the castle that they all think it is.

But Barack HUSSEIN Ocommie done made them all believe that they’re in some kinda heaven on earth when they really in a Hell of their own making for watching MSNBC and instead of Glenn Beck.

OPEN YER EYES AMERICA!!! The truth is right in front of you!!  Y’all just need to look for it and yer gonna see it everywhere!

If y’all see ANY signs of commie symbols in yer hometown, send them to me RIGHT AWAY –

God is Love!

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postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Barney Frank: Life In Uranus


I just wanna address Mr. Barney “Uranus” Frank for a moment.  I know yer a lie-beral defeaot-crat buttsex-having homo socialist but that ain’t no reason to go and call people names.  I don’t know if you even understand that you got elected to Congress by people like the woman you tried shout down as stupid, crazy and calling her furniture.  Sir: We ain’t furniture and you can’t have sex with us.  We are flesh and blood human beings made in GOD’s image not in the image of a setee.  That maybe how fat Commie homos in Massachusetts talk to people, but in the rest of the United States Of America that kinda insult and ridicule just don’t cut it and if y’all can’t have a truthful, civil discussion about how you wanna kill grandma, then y’all better look for a new job.

Briefly Patriotic – Barney Frank: Life In Uranus

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postheadericon Briefly Patriotic – Defend Your 2nd Amendment Right To Free Speech!

I don’t like to have to tell you I told you so, but I told you so.  Y’all laughed and mocked us when we tried to tell you that Barak HUSSEIN Obama would start taking away your 2nd Amendment right to free speech and yet look at what happened in New Hampshire.  The left-wing, commie, islamo-homo-fascists are shaking in their boots because (oh, my goodness) someone brought a loaded gun to one of Homobama’s Nuremburg rallies.  Why’d he bring a gun? Cuz he’s an American and he can.  The once proud and free Department of Homeland Security got took over by the forces of evil and soon will start arresting anyone with an assault rifle or a bible.  Like my daddy always said: “Our rights are like guns – use ‘em or lose ‘em!”

Defend Your 2nd Amendment Right To Free Speech

God is Love!

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postheadericon “Where Were You Born?”

This little girl got the right idea!  I wish I could turn on my radio and hear some GOOD music instead of songs about butt sex and drug use!

God is Love!

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postheadericon I Am Not The Mob #iamthemob

I’m getting more than just a little fed up with these lie-beral defeato-crats trying to silence my right to shut down their precious little Homobama townhall rallies. Since when do THEY get to tell ME what to do?? We are only trying to get out the word to the rest of ’em that HOMOBAMA WILL KILL YOUR GRANDMA AND RETARDED CHILDREN!!!  That makes us bad people??

On a more positive note, Cow did a real good Blog Talk Radio show about the 912 Candidates who promise to live their lives according to 9 principles and 12 beliefs.  She does a heckuva show and proves that we ain’t Nazis and we like to have a little fun sometimes, too!

God is Love!

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