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postheadericon Obamascare: Field Trips For Abortions!!!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore by foul, venal wickedness of Satanic lie-beral dumbo-crats.  After all, trying to pass bills that mandate teaching kindergartners how to have butt-sex (SAFE butt-sex, they claim, like there is such a thing) just don’t get anymore evil.  But Satan got a good imagination, I guess, so he keeps finding more and more horrifying ways to lay claim to our young folk. And dumbo-crats, sworn to do his bidding, fall right in line.

One part of Obamascare that they don’t want y’all to know about it the sex clinics they wanna set up in government schools.  They don’t wanna talk about it at all for a couple of different reasons

  • They wanna convince your kids that they’re really homos
  • They wanna convince your kids that drinking fluoridated water and “smoothies” is more “healthy” than drinking something good like Coca Cola
  • They wanna teach your kids about which food is aphrodisiacs (those are foods the force you to have sex after you eat them)

But most of all, they wanna make it real easy to for your 13 year old daughter to kill her precious pre-born!

Y’all don’t believe me? Just take a listen to one of the few smart women in America, Michelle Bachman, expose the liberal plan to have daily abortion field trips to Planned Parenthood…WITHOUT YOU KNOWING ABOUT IT!


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postheadericon Sunday Prayer

Heavenly Father

We thank You for the true Americans that remind us how to be Americans in America
We thank You for their patriotism
We thank You for giving them the courage and strength to tell the TRUTH to those without ears to hear or eyes to see
We thank You for World Net Daily for not allowing Barack Osama Homo bin Laden to think he’s getting away with not showing his long form birth certificate, college transcripts, library receipts and list of commie organizations he belongs to
We thank You for Michelle Bachman leading the charge to not only purge commies from the government but forming The Slits to stop socialism in the nation You created
And while we thank You, too, for Glenn Beck’s fearless and real smartness about the commie symbols no one else knows about, we ask You to enter his heart so he can become a Christian and not a Mor(m)on

God is Love!

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