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postheadericon Mrs. Palin Don’t Need No Teleprompter

Barack HUSSEIN Obama can’t even tell his wife to keep three steps in back of him without using a teleprompter.  He can’t even pray to Mecca without one. So why can’t Sarah Palin stand up in front of thousands of people and speak from the heart? Cuz she got Jesus on whispering into her ear the whole time.

I go over the first part of Mrs. Palin’s speech on this one – and there’s some dang fine wisdom here!

God is Love!

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postheadericon Rahm Is The Real Retard

Everybody knows that there’s a big difference between calling someone a retard and calling someone a retard.  In one case, it’s a clinical term to describe Trig Palin like when I say that “Mrs. Palin gotta stay home and take care of that little retard child of hers.” That’s just a fact. But in the case of Rahm Emmanuel, he’s using the word “retard” to be hurtful and make fun of the apple of Mrs. Palin’s eye. Like every lie-beral defeato-crat in America, he’ll take any cheap shot he can to try to destroy Mrs.  Palin whether it’s making fun of her for not reading newspapers or the fact her poor little retard child of hers is  gonna have to wear a football helmet for the rest of his life. When Mrs. Palin bravely stepped down from the Governorship of Alaska she said something that always stuck with me and that I had my wife write down to keep on the dash of my Humvee. She said  “the world needs more ‘Trigs’, not fewer.”  I try to live up to that every single day of my life. And Rahm Emmanuel would do well to keep that in mind the next time he opens his mouth. He needs to start thinking about what he says rather than acting like retard.

Rahm Is The Real Retard

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postheadericon Defending Sarah Palin

I guess the news organization, Boston News Net, thinks they can absolve themselves from lie-beral guilt by pretending to be balanced.  They had me on a time or two and every time I go on, I wind up passing out a couple of bibles or hear someone’s testimony.

They asked me to talk about Sarah Palin and even though I don’t like her, you gotta stand up for women.

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postheadericon Community Organzing = Communism

I still ain’t voting for McCain/Palin but I’m gonna give her her due (cuz that’s what Christians do) and say that she hit the nail on the head when she talked about the evils of so-called “community organizing”.  It’s a code word for communism pure and simple.

I also talk about how lie-beral policies drive the handicap to commit unspeakable crimes.  Let ’em burn, that’s what I say!

God is Love!

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