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postheadericon Stop Nancy Pelosi!!

I’m hoping to raise $416,148.301 to start running this ad in support of all Tea Party Candidates!  I got til Friday, so use the PayPal button and spread the word!

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postheadericon HOBG From The Tea Party Express 3

Yesterday I got on that Blog Talk Radio thing and did some broadcasting live from the Tea Party. Y’all take a listen!

God is Love!

And check out the Tea Party video, too!

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postheadericon The Tea Party Express 3 – Boston

I just wanna say that I left the Tea Party all wired up to make sure that there ain’t gonna be ONE DUMBO-CRAT left in congress by the end of the year!

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postheadericon Mrs. Palin Don’t Need No Teleprompter

Barack HUSSEIN Obama can’t even tell his wife to keep three steps in back of him without using a teleprompter.  He can’t even pray to Mecca without one. So why can’t Sarah Palin stand up in front of thousands of people and speak from the heart? Cuz she got Jesus on whispering into her ear the whole time.

I go over the first part of Mrs. Palin’s speech on this one – and there’s some dang fine wisdom here!

God is Love!

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