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What a time to go on vacation! The United States of America is in its worse crisis since the Clinton administration and that Barack Osama Homo bin Laden decides his white half is gonna go put his feet up and play some golf up there on Martha’s Vineyard. This ain’t the kind of behavior that any American oughta tolerate from the President of the United States.  When pretty little Terri Schiavo was gonna be brutally murdered by her uncaring husband and Congress passed a law to save her, President Bush was right there to sign it into law.  He knew that he weren’t elected to shirk his duties but to defend every citizen’s right to follow a balloon with her eyes until God brings them home.  President Bush defended Terri Schiavo. Homobama wants to kill grandma.  I think it’s about time for impeachment, don’t you?

Homobama AWOL – Time For Impeachment

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