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postheadericon Kittens

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postheadericon Goodies For Hoodies

postheadericon Innernet Acorns Are The Tower Of Babel

postheadericon I Don’t Wanna Go To College

postheadericon Trans Lady Party Ultrasound

postheadericon Your Daughter At Risk

postheadericon Lieberals – Don’t Vote

We can’t pass God’s agenda if y’all keep voting!

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postheadericon President Cheney

His new book tells the real truth and not that fake truth that lie-beral defeato-crats pretend is the truth but ain’t the truth

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postheadericon Hurricane USA Deception

The treachery of Barak Osama Homo bin Laden don’t know no bounds!

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postheadericon Campaign Song For Rick Perry

Help Me Help Jesus Help You

Tell Me Wh You Love America!
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