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Folks, you may not know this but one of the biggest threats to American security come under the guise of a so-called “national treasure”.  That’s right.  The Statue of  Liberty is really the Statute of Lie-berty.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that it oughta be an act of TREASON to allow our school kids to think that some statue made in FRANCE represents America.

I don’t know who got duped into taking delivery of
the piece of crap, but ship it back to France C.O.D.!!

It don’t matter how it got there – it’s time for Miss Lie-berty to take off her whorish make-up and show her true face – the face of France – the face of cowardice – the face of deceipt – the very face of Sodom.  As Americans, we owe to GOD to tell them frog-leg eating hobos that we don’t need a symbol of their moral outhouse stinking up our shores no more.  Ask yourself this question – if the Statute of Lie-berty is such a symbol of America then why didn’t them towelheads fly their planes into it instead of the World Trade Towers?  Why?  Because it ain’t American – IT’S FRENCH.  The French love terror and hate freedom just as much as them dang towelheads.

So I say get it out of there!  I don’t care what they do with it.  They can bury it in the sand for all I care.  And if moron runs across it a thousand years from now that’ll be a thousand years too soon.

planet of the apes
Maybe someone already had the same dream that I did!

I wanna share something I found a month or so ago that’ll open your eyes to the evil dangerness of the Statute of Lie-Berty.  I’d keep the kids away from the computer when you look at it.

What the heathen Statue of Liberty really means

Freedom to seek asylum in America from the rightful stigmatization of true criminality in other nations

Freedom to practice homosexuality or lesbianism

Freedom to murder innocent human embryos and fetuses

Freedom to publicly blaspheme God

Freedom to worship satan (Note: we do not capitalize the word satan even when it begins a sentence).

Freedom to practice obstetrics and gynecology as a male physician

Freedom to make and sell pornography

Girl sitting at the table in classroom

Freedom to abandon children to daycare and public schools while seeking the fleeting American dream.

Freedom to make a living off foolish, vain and immoral employment.

Freedom to abandon parents to nursing homes.

Freedom for women to foolishly seek to be equal with men.

Freedom to elect moral criminals such as homosexuals, lebians, murderers, robbers and other criminals to government positions.

Freedom to make heroes and celebrities out of deathworthy criminals.

Goodbye Pogo, a 16 x 20, Oil on Canvas Board, by John Wayne Gacy. Pogo was Gacy’s Alter-Ego. He gave this painting to close pen-pals at the end of his life. Gacy's collection includes a variety clowns, pop culture icons, other infamous serial killers and Disney characters. The work is currently on display at The Arts Factory in Las Vegas. (Courtesy to Pioneer Press: The Arts Factory Las Vegas)

Freedom to sell and purchase crime tools and art of muderers.


Freedom to produce and make megabucks off violent and murderous video games, toys, movies and music in order to teach children how to become violent and murderers.

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