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I’m suffering from a kidney stone that no doubt Barack Osama Homo bin Laden had something to do with.  PLUS, some lie-beral disconnected me from the internet so there’s a gap in the show, but keep listening.

I just wanna warn you that I’ve seen some fake Conservatives around here getting all PC when you talk about reparations.  Look out for ’em!

McDonald’s is being taken over by homos, according to Donald Wildmon and that’s gotta stop!  Is is gonna take condoms in Happy Meals for y’all to wake up!

Also, the America’s Hope Foundation ad featuring Larry Sinclair started and it’s a doosy!  There ain’t no way the Lame Scream ME-dia is gonna be able to ignore his very credible story!  And shame on Greta Van Sustern for not giving this the coverage it deserves!  Thank to Citizen Wells for pointing it out!

God is Love!

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