postheadericon It’s About Time Republicans Told It Like It Is!

I’m just about to bust my buttons with pride that the Republican party finally stopped pussy footing around and said what needs to be said – ALL DEMOCRATS IS ATHEISTS!  It don’t matter about if it’s some one in congress or the senate of the house of representatives or even some left-handed negro islam who thinks America is gonna vote for a socialist. They ain’t.

God bless you, Liddy Dole!

And God Bless the “major Hollywood producer” made this real funny and scary commercial showing how America would be ridiculed if Barack HUSSEIN Homobama somehow stole the election and became president.  He’d meet with Hitler without even blinking an eye.  Heck, he’d prolly just stop by his house on the spur of the moment and take him out for hot chocolate and pay for it, too!

It’s about time that every single American woke up to the fact that Barack HUSSEIN Homobama will destroy America.  It’s like Jane Porter said in her World Net Daily column, “obey Him in the voting booth and out of it. If not, do us all a favor and quit calling yourself a Christian.”


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