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[NOTE – My pastor seems to think that I coulda jumped the gun on this one but he wanted a little more time to pray about it.  What I DO know is that Barack Osama Homo bin Laden will sell this country out for thirty pieces of pita bread.  That’s a fact.  I’m a little less sure that Landover Baptist Church is actively working for Homobama.  I’m gonna have to read their Mission Statement to make sure they ain’t following Rick Warren instead of Jesus]

I am absolutely disgusted!

Barack Osama Homo bin Laden’s vooodoo grip seems almost unbreakable.  I woke up this morning and, after praying, checked my electronic mail and found this note from some outfit called Landover Baptist Church about the website Free Larry Sinclair

Praise Jesus! I just wanted to let you know that we are keeping Mr. Sinclair in our Prayers. The forces of satan are hard at work trying to force a negroe on God’s favorite country. I have every confidence that Jesus will intervene, just as He did in the 2000 election (when He gave us GWB, our best President ever).

I would cordially invite you to post this story on our church forum, where it will reach an audience of millions.


–Pastor Zeke

Now, y’all who know me, know that I just don’t do everything I told to do unless it’s God doing the telling.  So I went over there and checked it out.  They seemed like pretty God-fearing folks.  I asked God what I oughta do and He told me to go ‘head.  So I wrote up a post exposing  Homobama for the murdering, gay, left-handed, homo, negro, crackhead voodo priest he is.  I provided a whole bunch of good information and sources like Larry Sinclair’s good written website and a link to this website and the information that I dug up.  And I didn’t just post no links, I took some time on it.  The undeniable FACT that Homobama is a murdering, gay, left-handed, homo, negro, crackhead voodo priest is too important just to say it.  You gotta prove and prove it I did!

After another quick prayer and a pat on the back from God, I went out to the garage to put the finishing touches on some of the new “GOD KILLS ABORTIONISTS” signs I been working on and when I come back, that post WAS GONE!

Now, I can’t be 100% certain about what happened.  Maybe they’re actually one of them Rick Warren phony churches that are trying to establish a one-world religion like it says the anti-Christ will do.  Maybe they got a closet homo in with the rest of their deacons. Or maybe Homobama put some kinda spell on them and made them delete the post.  Either way, they are in the pocket of  Barack Osama Homo bin Laden and unless your idea of fun is having the flesh burned off your body in the firey pit of Hell you should stay the heck away from Landover Baptist Church.  I ain’t kidding, neither.  Satan is strong about those folks.

God is Love!

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